Wednesday, April 27, 2005

news bits from around the world

First, George Lucas does this. I mean, really, a TV series? Will it follow the timeline of Timothy Zahn's Heir to the Empire? Will it be interesting if there are no (or, next to none, if George will follow his own bloody universe) Jedi? Inquiring minds need to know. Let us simply hope that George will not be interested in writing or directing this himself...

Second, Germany sees some real life weird stuff happening, as their toads start to explode for no real reason. Weeeeeird.

Third, Canada's political turmoil continues, as Stephen Harper renews his vow to bring a vote of no cofidence to the House of Commons after the Liberals scrammer together a deal with the NDP. The Globe and Mail seem pissy about it, the Star calls the deal between Prime Minister Paul Martin and New Democrat leader Jack Layton "a life line", the Sun has a bunch of whining from Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty about not being consulted about the deal or the new budget, and the Post has something about Layton defending the deal. (Note: A lot of this stuff is actually Canadian Press stuff, so attributing it to each paper is not etnirely gair; however, it is interesting to note which papers are printing which articles, no?)

Off (hopefully) to see Bride and Prejudice tonight. Skylark out.

I hope I never

So I wrote this post last night, and then my internet connection timed out on me, thus preventing me from updating the poor blog.

It seems to me sometimes, that no matter where I am, what I'm doing, or how I am feeling, Neil Finn has written a song that somehow manages to encapsulate perfectly everything that I am at that moment, in words far more prefect than any I could ever choose. That's not entirely true, I suppose, but still sometimes it is easier to let the Finn do the talking. And right now, when the Finn is talking, he is talking along the lines of I Got You:
I got you - that's all I want
I won't forget - that's a whole lot
I don't go out - not now that you're in
Sometimes we shout - but that's no problem

I don't know why sometimes I get frightened
You can see my eyes, you can tell that I'm not lyin'

Saturday, April 16, 2005

patchwork girl

Apologies for my sporadic blogging behaviour as of late; I remember all too well when blogging was a tool that allowed me to procrastinate on doing work. Never did I dream that one day I would, in fact, be too busy to blog. Things have settled down quite substantially, now. No more papers, no more exams to mark, no more summer research proposal...for the time being it is all good, from San Diego to the 'hood, as someone I used to know (roommate's boyfriend from first year) would say.

I have finally linked to Ross over at randomdanglingmystery. Sometimes these things are much more difficult than they really ought to be.

Went out last night to see what Guelph Reads was all about, after drinking beer to celebrate the end of ENGL2080. It was really good; all of the panelists were quite well-spoken--especially Dionne Brand, who I could listen to all day long. T. Sher Singh impressed me the most (he championed Ishmael), along with Marva Wisdom (the National Policy Chair for the federal Liberals), who impressed me not so much for her defense of Tom King's The Truth About Stories but for her determination to help Canada realize how much attention the "native question" ought to be getting, and how important that relationship really is.

I could post another 1000+ word rant on how Canada has dealt with its aboriginal people, but I will save that for another day, and get back to spring cleaning.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Day the Mine

This is the first day I have to myself in a while, so I am to head to toronto, where I will meet the Momatron (or, as she prefers, Mommy-O) at the CBC building, and we shall adventure from there, before having supper and then seeing a musical that is not about ABBA. Should be lots of fun.

It's exam marking time around these parts. The marks aren't due til Friday, though, so it's all good. Current plans for the rest of the week: marking, summer research proposal, conference paper proposal, major spring cleaning of apartment, driving lesson.

And if I'm really good, some Baldur's Gate II.

Damn, it feels good to be a geek.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

room to breathe

I woke up at 7 this morning. It took me, as it does most mornings, about ten minutes to talk myself out of the warm, flannely bed, but once I was up, the world seemed a little more focused. (relatively speaking, I am still blind, of course).

Then I wrote a 3812 word paper. In 8 hours. It was awesome.*

I then hopped a bus to the school, slid the paper 1/2 an hour before the deadline, and ran away.

Thus endeth the last courses I may ever take in English literature. This is a pretty scary thought. I do not want to be grown up. And yet, I mailed in my tuition deposit to the Northern School just yesterday.

geeks, rejoice!

*By awesome, I mean awesomely stupid. But it's done.

Friday, April 08, 2005

guelph reads

Guelph Reads seeks to uncover books that can result in social and political change. There will be a debate next Friday about this.

more non-postage

Stolen from desbladet

You're stuck inside Fahrenheit 451, which book do you want to be?
Conrad's Heart of Darkness. Sometimes I am afraid that I am the heart of darkness. Very twee of me, but perhaps a bit real as well.

Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character?
I quite like Alex Cross, from the pulpy but lovely James Patterson series. And perhaps a bit of Horatio Hornblower as well.

The last book you bought was:
Hrm. Tori Amos's new not-quite-biography. I think it's called Piece by Piece or some such. It was a birthday present for the lovely Kristabelle. I also purchased Phillip Pullman's The Ruby in the Smoke and Leonard Cohen's Beautiful Losers for myself at the same time.

What are you currently reading?
As Des says, what aren't I reading? Various books on Python, various articles on drag, gay culture, masculinity and femininity, various blogs, Harry Potter, and the Chronicles of Narnia. And the stuff in the sidebar over there.

Five books you would take to a deserted island:
+The Riverside Shakespeare (2nd edition) [pretty plays, pretty pictures, load of critical and source material]
+the Norton Anthology of Poetry (4th edition) [pretty poems, and nearly 1500 pages of them]
+the Bible, King James Version (1611 edition) [pretty language, and I need to finish this--I keep getting stuck after the first five books]
+The Deptford Trilogy (Robertson Davies) [saints, miracles, Jungian psychoanalysis, lesbians, magicians, and Ontario Scots. Could anything be more perfect?]
+1984 (George Orwell) [So that the future society that is created from me will be wary of the dangers that may befall them.]

Who are you going to pass this stick to (3 persons) and why?
The Writer. And anyone else who wants it.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

and now for something completely indifferent

This is in lieu of a real entry, 'cause really, who wants really entries? Actually, the real entries will be forthcoming, once I gear the little rig up and move myself into academic mode. Some neat things are in the works currently, not the least of which is my decision to return to Nipissing for my Bachelor of Education. Thanks to everyone who sent notes of congratulations. I think this will end up being a leave of absense, so to speak, from academia, more than the Exit, stage right that I am sometimes afraid of. TAing this term has really made me like teaching again, so this is promising.

Holy crap, there is a spider in the keyboard. Scary! (Yes, in, not on).

Anyhow. The promised non-entry, before this one looks too much like one of my actual entries:

01. What is the total number of music files on your computer?
I think I've topped out at about 700 right now, but I haven't really counted in a while. My intense downloading days are long passed.
02. What is the last CD you bought?
Tori Amos's The Beekeeper. I'm a bit of a latecomer to the Awesomeness that is Tori, but I'm figuring stuff out.
03. What is the song you last listened to before reading this message?
I'm not sure in terms of actual stats, but the last song in my head was The Beatles' All My Loving.
04. Name the five(ish) albums that mean the most to you. (Not the 5 albums you would take to a desert island.)
i) Twice Removed (Sloan)
ii) Blue (Joni Mitchell)
iii) Recurring Dream (Crowded House) [Yes, I know it should be a real album here and not a greatest hits, but I can't tell you the number of hours spent listening to this on various roadtrips, and it went to France with me when I was fifteen.]
iv) Please Please Me (The Beatles) [Again, could have chosen Sgt. Pepper, but this album is just very me. Very young me, but very me nonetheless.]
v) We Were Born In A Flame (Sam Roberts Band)

05. Name the five songs you are listening to the most right now.

i) When You Come (Crowded House)
ii) Yer So Bad (Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers)
iii) Ain't That A Kick In the Head (Robbie Williams)
iv) The Philosophers' Beer Drinking Song (Monty Python)
v) How to Fight Loneliness (Wilco)

06. Name the first five best lyrics that come into your head.

i) "When you come to cover me with your kisses hard like armour/ the sooner the better now" (Crowded House; When You Come)
ii) "I want you to know I feel completely at ease/ you can read me like a book/ that's fallen down between your knees/ please/ let me have my way with you" (Crowded House; It's Only Natural)
iii) "To those of us who knew the pain/ Of valentines that never came/ And those whose names were never called/ When choosing sides for basketball/ It was long ago and far away/ The world was younger than today/ And dreams were all they gave for free/ To ugly duckling girls like me" (Janis Ian; At 17)
iv) "Rely a bit too heavily on alcohol and irony./ Get clobbered on by courtesy, in love with love, and lousy poetry./ And I'm leaning on a broken fence between Past and Present tense./ And I'm losing all these stupid games that I swore I'd never play." (The Weakerthans; Aside)
v) "I'm in love with the world/ through the eyes of a girl/ who's still around/ the morning after" (Elliott Smith; Say Yes)

07. Who are you going to pass this stick to (three people) and why?
Well, I stole it from The Writer. But it can be passed on to whomever.

Note the heavy Finnfluence?

Friday, April 01, 2005

back to North Bay Rock City?

According to Nipissing's webadvisor, I have been offered admission to the BEd program for next year.