Sunday, June 26, 2005

where has all the blogging gone?

Well, cherished readers, if you are still around, I owe you an apology and an explanation.** This last month has been a difficult one for me, as I have been sorting out some personal and health issues, and researching and writing my not-thesis. My first draft is due next Monday, and I'm about half done right now. I've also started working again...and yes, I am at THSWSNBN, but no longer as an interpreter. I'm now the admission clerk.

To be honest, all that exposition aside, I just haven't felt like writing recently. A lot of that has to do with the personal and health issues mentioned above: there are simply somethings that don't bear writing about. There are other things for which I simply do not have the words. That said...I think I have unblocked myself, and hopefully I won't be afraid of words anymore.

If my summer research project should prove to be of interest to any of you, readers, I'll briefly describe it (though I am afraid it's got nothing on Ross's). I am looking at costumed interpretation on historic sites as a performance of nationalism; more specifically, as a performance that reflects social policy and the dominant ideology through its conception of the nation. I'm using THSWSNBN as my case study, and interviewing some of the staff, which has proved to be an interesting experience.

**Consider this a semi-official answer to the important question of "Who do you write for, when blogging?" I am writing for you.