Thursday, September 29, 2005

on the nature of feminism

Over at Bookish, Kristen Marie has some really interesting things to say. Granted, I tend to have a lot of conversations about feminism, what with the Gender Equality and Social Justice major that I have for a sister, but there are some aspects of them that never get old.

Cait (who would like me to tell you that she responds to Kristen Marie by saying "Feminism is the radical idea that women are people too.") recently bought me a button reading "This is what a feminist looks like." It sits on my backpack, and surprisingly, I haven't gotten a lot of flack about wearing a button like that. For me to wear that button is more declarative than I usually like to be, but it's important to me now in ways that I never imagined it would be. I know that especially once I start teaching, it's something I will be called on to defend again and again...but I'm okay with that.

Because feminism is important to me. It's important to me to show people that there is more to feminism than "angry, bra burning dykes" (though if that's the feminism people want, let them have it): feminism, to me, is tied to basic human rights, to debate, argument, contradiction, and realizing things on a personal level. How's that for vague? It's all true, though.

(As a side note, I should add that the feminism button is beside a keychain with a rubber chicken attached. Only a few of the feminists I know look like rubber chickens.)

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

this scar is a fleck on my porcelaine skin

I have a confession to make. I--I--haven't been listening to a lot of music lately.

It's like my whole world has come to an end.

There's been a lot of music in my head, if by a lot of music I mean "two songs by the postal service, a couple by stars, and the theme to Clone High." Frankly, it sucks. Don't get me wrong...I like both bands. But what happened to my music?

It's a lot of stuff, I guess. I don't have a CD player, or a tape player right now. I don't have the bulk of my CD collection in North Bay. I can't put filesharing software on the Major.

I miss music. Anyone care to give me some recommendations?

Saturday, September 24, 2005

unchained harmony

Last night and this morning, despite the cold/flu/sinus infection, I played baseball with my section. I skipped one game last night to come home and sleep, and I do feel somewhat better today...but not much. We played reasonably well, for the most part, though most of the other teams played better. I managed to bounce a ball off my glove onto my face, which hurt like you wouldn't believe, and still feels kinda weird.

Back home now, I am off to sleep. I hope.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

I heard he sang a good song

I've had bits of various Karaoke Revolution songs running thorugh my head as of late, which is I suppose is a nice change after x-number of days of The Postal Service...except not really, because The Fugees just aren't my thing, so much.

No clone High for me yet, nowhere in North Bay ordered it on time...the only good thing is that they will be selling it for a low price when it does get here.

This sickness thing is totally kicking my ass (as is the laptop keyboard) and I want nothing more than to go home and to bed. But I can't...not for another 2 hours. Stupid library orientation...orientation to a library I already know how to use.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

let me tell you 'bout the way she looked...

Colour me happy: Clone High is currently number one on's Hot 100 DVD Sales list. Not bad for a little show that ran for one, thirteen episode season and then was cancelled. I can't wait to buy it. Also, I recommend it to everyone who likes a) things that are funny, b) dead people, and c) JFK accents.

I have a wonderful head cold at the moment--wonderful to the point where I've started to develop a "man voice" according to my boy because my throat hurts so much. But, there is no time, and no room, for missteps of sickness this year.

Monday, September 19, 2005

odds, sods, and dirty bits

If you're in need of a laugh on this particularly bleak Monday, may I recommend to you the minutes (if not hours) of fun that is Chubby Productions. It's run by Bryan, a casual acquaintance of mine from around Midland way, (who once starred as Margaret Atwood in a play I wrote, if you can imagine that, and was absolutely luminous). For the first time viewer, I would recommend Poetry by Brendan (who is a good friend of mine, and likely the most talented writer I will ever know) called The Cool Lagoon. If you like what Brendan has done, I should point out that he will be published in an upcoming issue of Grain, and that you can find his music project Vampire Killars online. He is the Slampire Thrillar, yo.

it's a karaoke revolution!

Monday morning may not be my best time, at least not this week. I have a small headcold, which at this point is more inconvenient than anything, but at least my nose has stopped running. For now. Today I am at the school for nine hours, I think, only six of which will be spent in class. I am definitely going to bed early tonight.

I had a pretty good weekend. My boys came over from Sudbury to do all kinds of crazy stuff, which amounted to one night of crazy stuff (split between the Wall and Fionn's) and one night of relaxing stuff, consisting of watching movies in our pyjamas. I love the boys--one brought me candy, the DVD of Classic Albums' Rumours episode, and a boatload of books for a girl who only had two. the other brought Karaoke Revolution 3 and introduced me to the hilarity of Amazon Women on the Moon.

Karaoke Revolution is the craziest stuff ever. It's sort of the same idea as Dance Dance, except that you are singing instead of dancing, and the game measures you on your ability to match tone. All in all, a pretty good time, right? Then you have to add in the songs that they choose...Wham's Careless Whisper, guys! Wham! Featuring George Michael, featuring you! Also: Phil Collins's Against All Odds! (Really loving the Postal Service's cover of it, too.)

Not too much else is new in in Rhi's world, except to note that Clone High (!) comes out on DVD tomorrow, and I am mega-excited for that. Also, where does one draw the line with a prof who chooses to teach and control through humiliation? Is it worth it to make a complaint, or is that only drawing unnecessary fire in my direction?

These are the things I ponder.

Monday, September 12, 2005

monday, monday

Six hours of class today, but I'm at the school for nine. The three hour break is a tricky deal--travel time between the school and my house runs me about an hour (only because of the bus system, mind) and sometimes being home for two hours just doesn't seem convenient. so instead, I will stay at school and maybe play WoW for a bit. Or, you know, do my homework so I can actually do something tonight.

English class this morning--senior and intermediate classes. There is a box on one of the tables that has Robertson Davies's The Manticore in it, and that excites me to no end. I should really read those books again--if I went on Canada Reads, Fifth Business is probably the book I would champion. Well, that or Margaret Laurence's The Diviners.

I'd love to do Timothy Findley's Headhunter, but the idea is to propose a book all Canadians should read, and I don't know that most Canadians could handle Headhunter. How's that for a tangent? I guess I should start behaving like a proper student now.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

where we belong

Having finished my week of placement, I find myself back in North Bay Rock City. I finished moving in this morning; my room is pretty much set. While it is the smallest room I've had since that first year in residence, it's still a pretty sweet setup, with the laptop and the new laser printer I got for $149 from the future Shop. Hurray for the laser printer/scanner/copier, which will undoubtedly make my life much, much easier this year, and be more cost effective than my stupid inkjet.

After much encouragement from the boys, I finally bought into World of Warcraft, and I've gotta say, it is a pretty good time. I am playing a female hunter Orc. I'm only level 8 at the moment, but I imagine that will change. The whole MMORPG thing is really new to me; if I felt more academic at the moment, there is easily a book's worth of material to be written about them as a video game genre. Because it's me, the book would probably be mostly about representations of gender.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

the first day of the rest of my life?

Today was my first day of school as a "pre-service teacher" (Nipissing's term; I much prefer "apprentice teacher"). It was decidedly busy yet simultaneously empty day. I am only in the class until the end of this week, then at Nipissing for four weeks, and so on until the end of this semester. I did, however, luck out in a number of significant ways. I will be teaching three classes: grade ten Canadian History (20th Century), grade eleven World Religions, and grade twelve Canadian and International Law. The World Religions class should be marvelous--I am already plotting ways to show Python's The Meaning of Life as part of the course, though I suppose that it may be too risque for even the public school board.

IIn some ways doing my placement at 'my' school may have been a mistake. I know the school too well; I can think of stupid teenage things I did at the school (or, more often, watched my friends do). Many of the older staff members taught me once upon a time; some of the younger were my classmates and even my babysitters, once. The students I am teaching are the siblings of my classmates, and the friends of my siblings. There are some I have known since they were four and five years old. How odd it is that they are now all grown up.

It is an interesting political climate to be getting into, as well. The school is about 200 students over its capacity, and has enough teachers for about 75% of that population. Many of the students have been unable to get the classes they wanted to take, taking instead whatever they can to fill their timetables. And yet there is a certain magic to it--the school has always been more than the sum of its parts.

Tonight it will be wings at Cellarman's with the lovely Mila. I've scarcely seen her this summer, what with her behaving like a mature adult and getting a real job. It should be grand. I'm tempted to make her see The Constant Gardener with me; it is exactly her type of movie, and for my part, I enjoyed it much more than I had anticipated. It is, in many ways, a devastating movie to watch...which makes watching it all the more important.