Monday, September 19, 2005

it's a karaoke revolution!

Monday morning may not be my best time, at least not this week. I have a small headcold, which at this point is more inconvenient than anything, but at least my nose has stopped running. For now. Today I am at the school for nine hours, I think, only six of which will be spent in class. I am definitely going to bed early tonight.

I had a pretty good weekend. My boys came over from Sudbury to do all kinds of crazy stuff, which amounted to one night of crazy stuff (split between the Wall and Fionn's) and one night of relaxing stuff, consisting of watching movies in our pyjamas. I love the boys--one brought me candy, the DVD of Classic Albums' Rumours episode, and a boatload of books for a girl who only had two. the other brought Karaoke Revolution 3 and introduced me to the hilarity of Amazon Women on the Moon.

Karaoke Revolution is the craziest stuff ever. It's sort of the same idea as Dance Dance, except that you are singing instead of dancing, and the game measures you on your ability to match tone. All in all, a pretty good time, right? Then you have to add in the songs that they choose...Wham's Careless Whisper, guys! Wham! Featuring George Michael, featuring you! Also: Phil Collins's Against All Odds! (Really loving the Postal Service's cover of it, too.)

Not too much else is new in in Rhi's world, except to note that Clone High (!) comes out on DVD tomorrow, and I am mega-excited for that. Also, where does one draw the line with a prof who chooses to teach and control through humiliation? Is it worth it to make a complaint, or is that only drawing unnecessary fire in my direction?

These are the things I ponder.

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The Writer said...

There are ways of turning humiliation to your advantage. However, I doubt that you would be much for my particular brand of "Professor Humiliations"(td).