Saturday, October 30, 2004

Buddy Holly, is there any room on your plane?

One of the Worst Feelings Ever: REalizing that a book that you need to have read AND written a two-page response journal for is not actually on your bookshelf...because....YOU NEVER BOUGHT IT.

Dammit, dammit, dammit. I think the bookstore might be open tomorrow, but I'm really not sure...I know I can pick it up on Monday and have it read for Tuesday, no problem, I just don't WANT to do that. I hate it when things like this happen, especially since it means my Saturday night reading is Ella Hepworth Dixon's The Story of a Modern woman instead of some Toni Morrison. I'm just not sure about this whole 19th century thing...

There is a club (sort of, I think it's really just someone's apartment) downtown that is having an event entitled "What the Thunder Said." Unfortunately, it won't be my kind of music, though I am tempted to go just for the sheer awesomeness of the name.

Then again, I've been fantasticizing lately about making a music video that would borrow extensively from The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, so what do I know?

still, a pretty good week...

The new computer (henceforth known as Cortana) has been here for a week or so, and I haven't really had much of a chance to sit down and get to know her (and the Windows XP - I held on to 98 SE for so bloody long) but now I am, and it really seems like we will get along well. The last week has been decidedly busy, what with my gallivanting and attempting to get educated/educate others, and general avoiding of the fact that it's my birthday on Wednesday.

I got see The Prisoner of Azkaban in an IMAX theatre, which made quite happy. I'd forgotten how much I had enjoyed the film, and seeing it again made me appreciate some of the more subtle points of David Thewlis's performance as Remus Lupin. Of course, hanging out with that guy and my lovely best friend doesn't hurt, either.

Ventured into Toronto, and spent too much money at the Lush store, as per usual. I also got my first set of role playing dice, which are orange and look like candy. (This may or may not be why I chose them.) Stupid Silver Snail...

I had to go back to the school today to have some blood work done. I actually had it done yesterday, but the nurse forgot to label the tubes, and so I found myself back in the health clinic. YEsterday it was easy; today the nurse missed my vein on the first go-round and so we had to go to the other arm, which didn't want to produce enough blood to fill a small vial. Somedays it seems like I just can't win.

I have no desire to get homework done, tonight, either, which is very bad.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

pimping the CBC

So the CBC's The Greatest Canadian has made it to TV at last, and the website for it is pretty good. In particular, I recommend the trivia. I scored a cool 17/20, which I'm quite happy with. It's been a good day for trivia. Having arrived in Barrie, and detoured to the mall, I won a free coffee for knowing who the female lead in Algiers was. (Hedy Lamarr, if you're interested...and yes, I know this even though I haven't seen the movie.)

Handed back the first round of papers this morning, which was a little stressful--some of the papers were pretty bad, and I know there are at least a few people who didn't get the marks they wanted. I also did a Start, Stop, Continue evaluation, and it came out pretty well...some effective suggestions, and no one said that I sucked as a TA. Apparently they like that I bring them candy.

Having reflected on the paper marking experience (and by reflected on, I mean "considered seeking therapy to avoid thoughts of bodily harm in order to escape marking papers") I have decided that for the next round, I will simply invent the Undergraduate Paper Marking Drinking Game (tm):

+comma splice - one drink
+dangling modifier - one drink
+pronoun/antecedant agreement - one drink
+improper MLA formatting - one drink
+improper colon/semi-colon use - one drink
+excessive summarizing of text - two drinks
+pretentious language - two drinks
+colloquialisms - two drinks
+faulty apostrophes - two drinks
+no topic sentences - two drinks
+"In conclusion..." - two drinks
+"This paper will discuss..." - two drinks
+a proper thesis statement - three drinks
+your name/the instructor's name spelt incorrectly - chug!
+an A paper - drain your glass

I just...don't think my body can hold that much alcohol.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

she took centre stage

I just finished invigilating my first midterm. Not nearly as much fun as it looks, I must say...especially since I went to bed late last night...and it was still bloody dark out when I left for school this morning.

Not having internet access has definitely resulted in a decrease in my typing skills, I think. Hopefully this will change with the advent of the new computer. I think I am leaning towards Cortana as a name. Halo 2 is coming out in three weeks, which would be much more exciting if I had a freaking's sad that even though I only have a 13" screen TV, I'm still contemplating purchasing one. It's the online capability that has me excited, it would be just like I'd never left the bay.

The PS2 faction is up in arms, because apparently the only RPGs that matter are PS2, but I just like the Xbox, and being contrary to the PS2 faction.

Am off gallivanting this weekend, so don't antipate updates until sunday night/monday...if the new computer lives up to its promise.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

it's only in your head you feel left out

So I should really point everyone to this blog. It is loquacious, opinionated, arrogant, exceptionally longwinded, and dare I say, a little pretentious...and written by one of my very best friends, who would (no doubt) apply many of those same labels to me and this blog. Regardless, straittohell is a pretty interesting guy, and you should read him, since he and I are working on blogging in dialogue once I get my computer on Sunday.

He has decided to call me "the lark", which I find I believe it was one of Joan of Arc's names...

off to class I go!

Sunday, October 17, 2004

frigging maroon five

Just in case there's anyone out there who likes that pesky maroon five type band, I have one thing to say to you: SO DOES MY DAD.

So it's Sunday, je suis a l'ecole and too lazy to put proper accentage on my French, which is probably a bad thing, since I need to start brushing up on my written French. I should be doing work on the imagined community of nationalism, which I've decided to tie to Matthew Arnold and the rise of English as a subject, but somehow I just can't seem to focus enough to get anything done. Big surprise there. I came up to the school because the Live at the Hollywood Bowl DVD sitting in my DVD player at home seemed to just turn itself on and be all, "watch me! Monty Python is always more fun than homework! Watch meeeeee!" And really, how can you say no to that?

Especially when the Bruces are there, and the Red Riding Hood sketch is shown, because the Red Riding Hood sketch was your introduction to all things Python, and even though you've seen 80 bajillion times since that first time when you were 13, it still makes you laugh in a way that jeopardizes the dryness of your pants.

It has rained all weekend here, which has been thoroughly depressing. I went to the Farmers' Market yesterday, and scored 6 litres of potatoes, 1 litre of fresh apple cider, and a pomegranate. I also checked out the local art supply store, and bought some sketching pencils. The store had two things of particular interest to me: sealing wax (and seals) and linoleum blocks for print making...the possibilities truly are endless.

Internet access at home: t-one week, pending the arrival of *drumroll please* my new computer. Which, of course, needs a name.

Friday, October 15, 2004

I saw you lying in the arms of a poet

Ron Sexsmith is just a doll. He totally rocked my socks off last night. Although it was weird to go to a concert by myself, I suppose it is something that I will have to get used to, as I don't have the stable of concert buddies that I used to. Fortunately I don't think there's anything coming up in the next little bit, so I will be able to concentrate on the school work I need to do.
+presentation, twenty minutes or so, on Benedict Anderson's Imagined Communities
+presentations, ten minutes or so, cultural context summary of Scientific Naturalism in the late Victorian
+response journal to Alice Walker's Meridian
+marking...and more marking...and then maybe some stabbing out of eyes
+other readings for the Anderson class, and a response to them as well

If he ever sang this, I would probably simultaneously implode and explode from its beauty.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

I've got the urge for going, but I never seem to go

I am in a decidedly Joni Mitchell mood, as of late, though I'm not particularly sure why. As my birthday approaches, I become increasingly anxiously about my Finn Brothers CD...which is rumoured to be coming some time around then.

Two of my classes were cancelled this week so i'm not feeling terrifically academic at the moment, although there are books waiting for me at the library for that conference proposal I am trying to write. I need to get started on my research problem, which is due around the same time as that birthday of mine. Our outline for it has been simply that we should imagine that we are writing a critical preface to the definitive book on this particular problem.

So. If the problem is, how does Canadian literature deal with the concept of national identity?, where should I get started?

Or, more importantly, will I be able to finish after only 12 pages?

Ron Sexsmith tomorrow night, hurrah.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

if you can tell me the name of the bird on the back of this $50 bill, I'll give it to you

The weekend has been good to me so far. The giving of thanks is important, surely, and what I choose to focus on considering the "true" origins of the day. I chose my reading wisely this weekend; a few verses from Ecclesiates in King James, and of course, Br├ębeuf Saves the Worrrrrrrrrrlllld. It always seems that there is never as much time as I want on these sojourns home. It's difficult to find a balance between old friends, new friends, and family, but I think that for once in my life, I've figured it out. And I found my Nipissing ring, which makes me quite happy.

Derrida has died, which is quite sad, though I am not as familiar with his works as I ought to be.

It's amazing to me how this stupid blogging box can make every logical thought in my head disappear in a matter of moments. I swear I'm an intelligent person sometimes. Today was chock-full (chalk-full?) of bad 80s ballads, which I sadly quite eclipse of the heart, indeed.

Plans for tomorrow: back to Goo-elf, where there will reading, and knitting, and cooking, and some drafting of a proposal for a PCA conference...I have some serious thinking to do.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

get me to the church on time!

MAn, I really wanted to update before today, but Blogger and the school computers just haven't been cooperating the way I'd like them to. The first paper for ENGL1200 is due tomorrow, so I have been working my way through office hours and emails and such. Some of the students are just so funny.

I finally got my SSHRC refund, and I must say it is nice to no longer be living on the brink of destitution, especially as my september bills are starting to trickle in, bit by bit.

I have been rather socially active as of late, which is always odd. The MA and PhD Society (colloquially known as MAPS) did a thing on Friday night, which involved the grad lounge, and later the Albion Hotel (hencely referred to as the Alby) and me consuming a great deal of Strongbow. By a great deal, I mean two pints, but that is a lot of liquid for me...especially since it affects me (in a morning after sense) far more than my usual vodka and cranberry juice. It was good to get out and talk with people from the program in a non-class setting; and it has made me very happy that I am postponing any PhD plans for at least a year, as everyone is running around writing proposals for SSHRC.

Straittohell ventur'd to my place on Saturday night; we ran amok watching Life of Brian in theatre, eating Swiss Pigeon, and ultimately ended up dancing at an undergraduate bar, befuddling undergrads everywhere with our requests for David Bowie and Billy Idol's "White Wedding," parts one AND two. If you hop on over to, you can actually read a much better account of exactly how much fun the evening was. I will give away the secret surprise ending by telling you now that our dancing to Bowie's "Modern Love" was such that drunk farmer boys felt it necessary to mock us through ridiculous exagerated dances of their own...

Canon formation will be a topic of discussion again next week, when Strait and I post a discussion we held over the weekend.

I'll post some interesting school stuff later. I promise.

Friday, October 01, 2004

more knitting

Having finished hat the second about a week ago, and despite the fact that it gives its owner a decidedly "thuggish" look, I am embarking on hat the third, which will be mine, once it gets finished. To be precise, it is this hat.

I joined the staff of The Ontarion yesterday. It has been far too long since I have done any meaningful newspapering. So I amy be writing some news and some music reviews, channeling the spirit of my old friend, the Schrode.

Hey everybody, it's time to apply for teacher's college in Ontario. You know you want to.