Tuesday, October 19, 2004

it's only in your head you feel left out

So I should really point everyone to this blog. It is loquacious, opinionated, arrogant, exceptionally longwinded, and dare I say, a little pretentious...and written by one of my very best friends, who would (no doubt) apply many of those same labels to me and this blog. Regardless, straittohell is a pretty interesting guy, and you should read him, since he and I are working on blogging in dialogue once I get my computer on Sunday.

He has decided to call me "the lark", which I find funny...as I believe it was one of Joan of Arc's names...

off to class I go!

1 comment:

The Writer said...

If you're the Joan of Arc now, what does that make me? I thought it was my fate to be burned at the stake as a heretic. *Shrugs* Maybe this means I'm Satan? *Grins in general direction of psycho-catholic relative*

(Yes, relative is not plural)
Bwah ha ha ha hhhaaaahh!!!