Thursday, October 21, 2004

pimping the CBC

So the CBC's The Greatest Canadian has made it to TV at last, and the website for it is pretty good. In particular, I recommend the trivia. I scored a cool 17/20, which I'm quite happy with. It's been a good day for trivia. Having arrived in Barrie, and detoured to the mall, I won a free coffee for knowing who the female lead in Algiers was. (Hedy Lamarr, if you're interested...and yes, I know this even though I haven't seen the movie.)

Handed back the first round of papers this morning, which was a little stressful--some of the papers were pretty bad, and I know there are at least a few people who didn't get the marks they wanted. I also did a Start, Stop, Continue evaluation, and it came out pretty well...some effective suggestions, and no one said that I sucked as a TA. Apparently they like that I bring them candy.

Having reflected on the paper marking experience (and by reflected on, I mean "considered seeking therapy to avoid thoughts of bodily harm in order to escape marking papers") I have decided that for the next round, I will simply invent the Undergraduate Paper Marking Drinking Game (tm):

+comma splice - one drink
+dangling modifier - one drink
+pronoun/antecedant agreement - one drink
+improper MLA formatting - one drink
+improper colon/semi-colon use - one drink
+excessive summarizing of text - two drinks
+pretentious language - two drinks
+colloquialisms - two drinks
+faulty apostrophes - two drinks
+no topic sentences - two drinks
+"In conclusion..." - two drinks
+"This paper will discuss..." - two drinks
+a proper thesis statement - three drinks
+your name/the instructor's name spelt incorrectly - chug!
+an A paper - drain your glass

I just...don't think my body can hold that much alcohol.


Straittohell said...

My dear, generally, you would be out like a light after 2-3 drinks. Except on my wedding night, when you became like the terminator, an unstoppable force. But alas, one night does not a career make.

I still love the drinking game, though. I will dare to play it... after such shameless goading on my part, will you?

The Writer said...

Well thought, Ms. Rhi. I do believe said drinking game will do well this way. AND, 'tis Friday evening. Bwah ha ha!