Sunday, October 10, 2004

if you can tell me the name of the bird on the back of this $50 bill, I'll give it to you

The weekend has been good to me so far. The giving of thanks is important, surely, and what I choose to focus on considering the "true" origins of the day. I chose my reading wisely this weekend; a few verses from Ecclesiates in King James, and of course, Br├ębeuf Saves the Worrrrrrrrrrlllld. It always seems that there is never as much time as I want on these sojourns home. It's difficult to find a balance between old friends, new friends, and family, but I think that for once in my life, I've figured it out. And I found my Nipissing ring, which makes me quite happy.

Derrida has died, which is quite sad, though I am not as familiar with his works as I ought to be.

It's amazing to me how this stupid blogging box can make every logical thought in my head disappear in a matter of moments. I swear I'm an intelligent person sometimes. Today was chock-full (chalk-full?) of bad 80s ballads, which I sadly quite eclipse of the heart, indeed.

Plans for tomorrow: back to Goo-elf, where there will reading, and knitting, and cooking, and some drafting of a proposal for a PCA conference...I have some serious thinking to do.


The Writer said...

It's a snowy owl. Now give me my money!! ;)

By the way, Ms. Rhi, I had wanted to tell you how good you're looking. Didn't get a chance Saturday.

fineskylark said...

actually, you have to tell me the name of the specific bird. this one was Carl.

such a cruel game, isn't it?

you looked well, as well.

The Writer said...

Carl?! I would have gone with Gimpy. You know, sort of hunched in on itself, eyes barely open. Very Gimpy-esque (Undergrads). Would you not agree?