Wednesday, October 06, 2004

get me to the church on time!

MAn, I really wanted to update before today, but Blogger and the school computers just haven't been cooperating the way I'd like them to. The first paper for ENGL1200 is due tomorrow, so I have been working my way through office hours and emails and such. Some of the students are just so funny.

I finally got my SSHRC refund, and I must say it is nice to no longer be living on the brink of destitution, especially as my september bills are starting to trickle in, bit by bit.

I have been rather socially active as of late, which is always odd. The MA and PhD Society (colloquially known as MAPS) did a thing on Friday night, which involved the grad lounge, and later the Albion Hotel (hencely referred to as the Alby) and me consuming a great deal of Strongbow. By a great deal, I mean two pints, but that is a lot of liquid for me...especially since it affects me (in a morning after sense) far more than my usual vodka and cranberry juice. It was good to get out and talk with people from the program in a non-class setting; and it has made me very happy that I am postponing any PhD plans for at least a year, as everyone is running around writing proposals for SSHRC.

Straittohell ventur'd to my place on Saturday night; we ran amok watching Life of Brian in theatre, eating Swiss Pigeon, and ultimately ended up dancing at an undergraduate bar, befuddling undergrads everywhere with our requests for David Bowie and Billy Idol's "White Wedding," parts one AND two. If you hop on over to, you can actually read a much better account of exactly how much fun the evening was. I will give away the secret surprise ending by telling you now that our dancing to Bowie's "Modern Love" was such that drunk farmer boys felt it necessary to mock us through ridiculous exagerated dances of their own...

Canon formation will be a topic of discussion again next week, when Strait and I post a discussion we held over the weekend.

I'll post some interesting school stuff later. I promise.

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Straittohell said...

September bills, like most others, never trickle. It's more like a deluge. A deluge with shards of broken glass being subsituted for rain. Ah well.