Tuesday, August 31, 2004

I was dreaming when I wrote this, forgive me if it goes astray

Finally back from moving the Squidge into her new digs in North Bay. Actually, all things considered, the move went *incredibly* well; making me fear for what will happen on Thursday, which begins what one friend has termed "Guelphapalooza". I have decided to prioritize between what *has* to be brought with me and what can wait a few weeks until someone has time to bring it down; I suspect the majority of my books and my beloved Cranium may remain behind in favour of more practical considerations. For example, I am much more likely to need my electric frying pan than all of my Nadine Gordimer books.

Both DnD campaigns are now on hiatus as everyone rushes back to school. Dragonquest could be reinitiated at Christmas, and I really hope it will be--since we just went up to epic level characters after being blessed by Bahamut. The plotting of non-magic Elizabethan England continues, and is likely to be crazy fun.

I spent last night with the Newlyweds, and we watched Denys Arcand's Le Déclin de l'empire americain, which is just brilliant. The Newlyweds have recommended Les Invasions Barbares, which is kind of a continuation of the same story, apparently, so I have to find someone to watch that with me.

Packing must continue, I suppose.

Sunday, August 29, 2004

these days remain inside the very heart of me

I have been given an official moving date now (the 2nd, also known as Thursday) and so with that note of finality, I think the summer is finally over. I was going take pictures of my bag and post them here, because I'm quite proud of it, but then I left the bag (and my wallet, worse luck) at someone's house the other night.

I am off to North Bay Rock City for tomorrow to help move more of my sister's stuff into her house; am greatly looking forward to the opportunity to see the Newlyweds, and also to give North Bay a proper goodbye.

DnD: Session the Last (maybe) is taking place tonight; we had an encounter with the Deck of Many Things last week and I will level up after the next thing I kill, in addition to having levelled up at the end of the session, which I think will make me...cleric 8. It's unfortunate that I'm lawful good and therefore not likely to just start killing stuff. I really like the Deck of Many Things; it may make an appearance (in slightly altered form) in the Elizabethan England campaign.

I have rediscovered my affection for Sam Roberts.

Friday, August 27, 2004

something bit my collar bone

Next time I level up, I'm going to take extra ranks in jerk.

It seems like it might be useful.

Another seemingly random post. Not much been accomplished today, except that I've finally seen Hackers; packed a few more boxes; and prepared for tomorrow's Great Washing Machine Blitz (now with 10% more clean power!)

Remember back at the beginning of the summer (by which I really mean the spring, the end of April to be precise) when I started working on my knit handbag? Well, some 17 weeks later, I've finally finished the damn thing--it's blocked and felted, and I must say I'm quite happy with it. Theoretically, I should find a lining for it, but we'll see, I guess, and someone has asked me to make them one too...so I should have ample knitting projects to keep me busy for the next little while.

I can see you with my eyes closed

A moving date has finally been decided upon, and thus I am into the homestretch before I move into my basement apartment. I must confess to being a bit afraid of living alone; my track record for performing basic activities when left to my own devices (for example, eating more than one meal a day) is not a good one. Thus, I have resolved to make a more concerted effort to ensure that I eat, and talk to people, and stay active, etc. while living on my own.

Odds of me just ending up glued to this machine anyway...2:1, probably.

I went on the least satisfying back-to-school shopping trip *ever* yesterday. I don't need a lot for school this year in terms of clothes and such, but I did want to pick up a few things...sweaters and such; some new pants, a pair of "responsible" shoes...but everywhere I went, there was either nothing in my size or only one cash register open and twenty people in the line-up. Some days, you are just not meant to buy things, I suppose. I did end up with a pair of cords and a t-shirt in the end, but not the corduroy blazer I so desperately want...ah well, there's always tomorrow.

I spent yesterday evening at a friend's house, partaking in badminton (I'd forgotten how much I love that), movie trivia (yay team T*C*R) and general camraderie with some of the friends I'm happy to have made/made better this summer.

Tim Hortons has started serving steeped tea (ie, from an actual pot of tea, as opposed to giving you a tea bag and hot water) and I'm not sure I like the changeover. It's still decent tea, but now a large costs me about 50 cents more, which gets a big boo-urns.

gotta get back, back to the pack, samurai jack

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

ain't that a kick in the head

Ah, random blog posting that serves no real purpose--how you make me happy.

So I am doing some theoretical cleaning down here in the basement...theoretical in the sense that it isn't so much cleaning as packing, but also in the sense that, well, I'm updating my blog, and therefor clearly not packing.

I actually have less to do than I thought I did, although I suspect I will have to start prioritizing which books get to come to Guelph with me, and that makes me sad. Although, when I have six different Italian cookbooks, the question of exactly how many I need to have with me does come up. I want to bring my school books as well, just so I can have all these impressive Norton Critical Editions of Frankenstein and Evelina and Oroonoko sitting out to impress people. It's unfortunate that the only one of those books that I really care for is Frankenstein...I may have to break out Lady Audley's Secret as well, just so that the good doctor doesn't get lonely on the bookshelves.

Back to the grind, I guess.

Monday, August 23, 2004

this is what it sounds like...when doves cry

I forgot to mention in the previous post that I spent last night at THSWSNBN's Sister Site, which is reputed to be quite haunted. I slept in one of the historic buildings, on the floor, and have very little back problems as a result (hurray!)

there is something terrific about waking up in the middle of history like that.

chevaliers de la table ronde

The [insert adjective here:] chapter of my life that has been THSWSNBN is now finished. This is not, of course, the first time I have said that. In fact, I think I have said that for the last three years...but this is the first time I will stick to it, as I have a wonderful summer term at school to look forward to that prevents me from returning.

I actually took steps to not return this summer, but as I did not get any of the other jobs I applied for, I returned to SMATH. I was quite bitter about this at the time (which may have somehow impacted my summer) but now that I have reached the end, I am given pause to wonder if perhaps there was a reason that I was meant to come home this summer.

There's a pretty good chance that this will be the last time I ever live in my parents' home; it maybe the last time I get to live in this part of Ontario...both of which are things that make me crazy sad. I didn't spend as much time with my family as I would have liked to this summer...I didn't get a chance to do a lot of the things I would have liked to do. At the same time, I did do a lot of things, including strengthening some old friendships and creating new ones.

And so I wind up where I always do, some regrets but not too many, looking to the road ahead with trepidation mixed with excitement.

Saturday, August 21, 2004

the dawn's early light has taken you from me

I forgot to mention that I've received my official TA posting for the Fall term. The course is called "Reading the Contemporary World"(click to read the actual course description) and I think it will be good for me because it will combine both literature and tech writing skills. I can't even begin to say how excited I am about this...the only downside is that the class is at 8:30 a.m. Mondays and Wednesdays (and only an hour long); at least my seminar is at 10 on Thursdays. I don't mind morning classes so much, I guess, since it gets it out of the way, but I know that students don't necessarily appreciate them.

so much reading to do!

sunflowers and your face fascinate me

Yesterday was a great day. A crew from THSWSNBN and I trekked our way down to the Molson Ampitheatre to see Sarah McLachlan perform. I was able to convince my half of the crew (being one other person) that a trip to the Royal Ontario Museum was in order. We had a lot of fun (I particularly enjoyed the Arms and Armour exhibit) but unfortunately a lot of the ROM is shut down while the renovate (and build the world's UGLIEST extension onto the building). After the ROM, we trekked over to Queen West and ate lunch at the Bishop and the Belcher, followed by visits to two of my favourite stores in the whole world: The Silver Snail and Lush. I escaped from the Lush store relatively easily, having dropped a mere $75 there...which, considering that I wanted to buy out the whole stupid store, was a good thing. I now own virtually every product they make that has honey in it, which makes me crazy happy, because, well, I love the smell of their Honey I Washed the Kids soap. The other member of my party decided to assert his metrosexuality (god, I loathe that term) and bought himself solid shampoo and some soap.

Sarah herself was pretty good; our early arrival time meant we got great seats at the very front of the lawn. The opening act was the charming Butterfly Boucher, who won me over despite some irritating attempts to shill her record. The concert was recorded for a DVD release at some point, which is pretty cool. I'm not as big a fan of Sarah as once I was, so I wasn't super-thrilled to be there (not the way I am when I see the Finn), and I can definitely see how some people find her live show very...mechanical...but it was a solid show, and she did both "Blackbird" and "Posession" so I was quite happy with that. To say nothing of hanging with the HSWSNBN crew (and various friends of such), which is always a good time.

And I was able to successfully navigate myself around Toronto without any problems at all, which makes me very happy.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

this is what a feminist looks like

And T-minus 3 days left at the historic site, which makes me wicked happy. Things are going well, more or less, on most fronts these days, or at least as well as can be expected. A friend has suggested that I try my hand at DMing a one-shot session, and I am considering it; with the setting being Elizabethan England...would anything be more appropriate for an English nerd like myself?

In honour of THSWSBN, here are some links to the French folk songs we have been singing in choir:
+Entendez-vous sur l'ormeau
+Ah! Si mon moine voulait danser (my personal favourite chanson francais)
+A la claire fontaine
+C'est l'aviron
+En roulant ma boule
+The Huron Carole (en francais)

The Great Canadian Tunebook has awesome lyrics and midi files in btoh French and English for traditional Canadian (well, European Canadian--they don't have the Huron words to the Huron carole) folk songs.

Saturday, August 14, 2004

dancing with a mathman Posted by Hello

with mon père Posted by Hello

giving my speech (notice the awesome factor of my hair) Posted by Hello

walking down the aisle (with bride in background) Posted by Hello

In the receiving line. Posted by Hello

thinking about making my move tonight

a mere five days of work remain until I will be shuffling loose from THSWSNBN coil, potentially for good. Am somewhere between excited and saddened; this summer has been trying in many senses of the word, and it will certainly be nice to have some "real" time off. The summer's other activities are winding down as well; both RP campaigns are nearing points at which it would be good to stop, and I think that I will very much miss the outlet it provides, unless I find some like minded people in Guelph.

Sort of a funny thing I've noticed recently is that I am very superstitious about which dice I like to use; there is a translucent green D20 that is the only one I roll well with, or so I like to believe. I once referred to a coin as a D2, which made people laugh. Ah, such nerdishness.

Have been feeling a bit topsy-turvy as of late, which I ascribe primarily to the impending end of HSWSNBN/the move, but still unsettling, in general. I am writing something for a friend at work, and I remain hopeful that I will be able to finish most of it this weekend.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

I need a new song to sing

Not too much new in these parts; the wedding this weekend was fabulous. I had so much fun (when I hadn't really thought that I would) dancing and being semi-social with my family and friends...and I even drank a respectable amount and didn't embarass myself, contrary to the positions offered by my compatriots. The groom himself predicted I would be in bed by 11 if I had more than two drinks; I had 6 and essentially closed the reception.

Pictures to follow, perhaps?

Today was a generally crummy day. I forgot important things (like my lunch), argued with a friend, spoke poor French, made mistakes I've made before, and wrote bad poetry. I must be pre-menstrual. I hate ascribing my emotions to biological (dys)function, but my tendency to over-react at times cannot be ignored...

The DnD has been treating me well as of late; I've developed a real affinity for one of my characters and it makes me sad that she will likely only belong to this one campaign, because I enjoy how she plays with reference to the other characters in this campaign. I've taken a temporary (hopefully strategic) leadership role in hopes of heading off an uncivil war...it will be interesting to see how that pans out. In the other campaign, we are in the astral planes; specifically, the plane of air, and I am nearly dead.

Another French tour tomorrow, and possibly more bad poetry. If I'm lucky.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

I'm just second hand news

I've done a lot of secondhand book shopping lately.

It figures that once I broke down and bought a new copy of "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" that I would start seeing it everywhere--though I shouldn't complain, I did get a fairly inexpensive copy. I've picked up a lot of plays in the last month; Beckett's "Waiting for Godot" keeps teasing at me but I just can't bring myself to buy it.

I did get a copy of Margaret Atwood's Survival: A Thematic Guide to Canadian Literature which is just fabulous. Atwood and I have a love/hate relationship (though decidedly more love than hate) and I am quite excited to read this. I also picked up Sylvia Plath's Ariel, which will be interesting to read. I am starting to get back into reading poetry, and while I'm not sure Plath is necessarily a good place to start, I am hopeful that she will be able to inspire me to write something worth reading, as it's been a while since I have. I picked up an ancient scholastic edition of Matthew Arnold's poetry and prose when I was in Guelph, and I must say I do enjoy him, perhaps more than any non-Victorian specialist ought to.

j'ai des grands instances de lucidité

A nice couple of days off, in which very little was accomplished; a thing exceptionally satisfying, as this summer has been far too busy. I got my ass kicked by a copper dragon (alignment changed for purpose of the campaign, apparently) and when I went to proclaim that I had taken Die Hard as a feat and was still alive, I remembered that I'd done that in the other campaign. Damn it. Other than that, there was swimming, movie watching, second hand book buying, and pizza eating, all of which equates to a happy rhi.

Only a few weeks left to the summer. I wish I knew where the time went.