Tuesday, August 10, 2004

I need a new song to sing

Not too much new in these parts; the wedding this weekend was fabulous. I had so much fun (when I hadn't really thought that I would) dancing and being semi-social with my family and friends...and I even drank a respectable amount and didn't embarass myself, contrary to the positions offered by my compatriots. The groom himself predicted I would be in bed by 11 if I had more than two drinks; I had 6 and essentially closed the reception.

Pictures to follow, perhaps?

Today was a generally crummy day. I forgot important things (like my lunch), argued with a friend, spoke poor French, made mistakes I've made before, and wrote bad poetry. I must be pre-menstrual. I hate ascribing my emotions to biological (dys)function, but my tendency to over-react at times cannot be ignored...

The DnD has been treating me well as of late; I've developed a real affinity for one of my characters and it makes me sad that she will likely only belong to this one campaign, because I enjoy how she plays with reference to the other characters in this campaign. I've taken a temporary (hopefully strategic) leadership role in hopes of heading off an uncivil war...it will be interesting to see how that pans out. In the other campaign, we are in the astral planes; specifically, the plane of air, and I am nearly dead.

Another French tour tomorrow, and possibly more bad poetry. If I'm lucky.

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