Saturday, August 14, 2004

thinking about making my move tonight

a mere five days of work remain until I will be shuffling loose from THSWSNBN coil, potentially for good. Am somewhere between excited and saddened; this summer has been trying in many senses of the word, and it will certainly be nice to have some "real" time off. The summer's other activities are winding down as well; both RP campaigns are nearing points at which it would be good to stop, and I think that I will very much miss the outlet it provides, unless I find some like minded people in Guelph.

Sort of a funny thing I've noticed recently is that I am very superstitious about which dice I like to use; there is a translucent green D20 that is the only one I roll well with, or so I like to believe. I once referred to a coin as a D2, which made people laugh. Ah, such nerdishness.

Have been feeling a bit topsy-turvy as of late, which I ascribe primarily to the impending end of HSWSNBN/the move, but still unsettling, in general. I am writing something for a friend at work, and I remain hopeful that I will be able to finish most of it this weekend.

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