Wednesday, August 25, 2004

ain't that a kick in the head

Ah, random blog posting that serves no real purpose--how you make me happy.

So I am doing some theoretical cleaning down here in the basement...theoretical in the sense that it isn't so much cleaning as packing, but also in the sense that, well, I'm updating my blog, and therefor clearly not packing.

I actually have less to do than I thought I did, although I suspect I will have to start prioritizing which books get to come to Guelph with me, and that makes me sad. Although, when I have six different Italian cookbooks, the question of exactly how many I need to have with me does come up. I want to bring my school books as well, just so I can have all these impressive Norton Critical Editions of Frankenstein and Evelina and Oroonoko sitting out to impress people. It's unfortunate that the only one of those books that I really care for is Frankenstein...I may have to break out Lady Audley's Secret as well, just so that the good doctor doesn't get lonely on the bookshelves.

Back to the grind, I guess.

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The Writer said...

Ah, Ms. Rhi. How you amuse me, my old friend.
I seem to be under the same predicament. To lug all my books to the other side of the country seems a little, shall we say, overzealoused? And yet, I am apparently under orders to bring each and every one of them. I can't wait to see the movers on this one. Bwah ha ha!!