Sunday, August 29, 2004

these days remain inside the very heart of me

I have been given an official moving date now (the 2nd, also known as Thursday) and so with that note of finality, I think the summer is finally over. I was going take pictures of my bag and post them here, because I'm quite proud of it, but then I left the bag (and my wallet, worse luck) at someone's house the other night.

I am off to North Bay Rock City for tomorrow to help move more of my sister's stuff into her house; am greatly looking forward to the opportunity to see the Newlyweds, and also to give North Bay a proper goodbye.

DnD: Session the Last (maybe) is taking place tonight; we had an encounter with the Deck of Many Things last week and I will level up after the next thing I kill, in addition to having levelled up at the end of the session, which I think will make me...cleric 8. It's unfortunate that I'm lawful good and therefore not likely to just start killing stuff. I really like the Deck of Many Things; it may make an appearance (in slightly altered form) in the Elizabethan England campaign.

I have rediscovered my affection for Sam Roberts.

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