Saturday, August 21, 2004

sunflowers and your face fascinate me

Yesterday was a great day. A crew from THSWSNBN and I trekked our way down to the Molson Ampitheatre to see Sarah McLachlan perform. I was able to convince my half of the crew (being one other person) that a trip to the Royal Ontario Museum was in order. We had a lot of fun (I particularly enjoyed the Arms and Armour exhibit) but unfortunately a lot of the ROM is shut down while the renovate (and build the world's UGLIEST extension onto the building). After the ROM, we trekked over to Queen West and ate lunch at the Bishop and the Belcher, followed by visits to two of my favourite stores in the whole world: The Silver Snail and Lush. I escaped from the Lush store relatively easily, having dropped a mere $75 there...which, considering that I wanted to buy out the whole stupid store, was a good thing. I now own virtually every product they make that has honey in it, which makes me crazy happy, because, well, I love the smell of their Honey I Washed the Kids soap. The other member of my party decided to assert his metrosexuality (god, I loathe that term) and bought himself solid shampoo and some soap.

Sarah herself was pretty good; our early arrival time meant we got great seats at the very front of the lawn. The opening act was the charming Butterfly Boucher, who won me over despite some irritating attempts to shill her record. The concert was recorded for a DVD release at some point, which is pretty cool. I'm not as big a fan of Sarah as once I was, so I wasn't super-thrilled to be there (not the way I am when I see the Finn), and I can definitely see how some people find her live show very...mechanical...but it was a solid show, and she did both "Blackbird" and "Posession" so I was quite happy with that. To say nothing of hanging with the HSWSNBN crew (and various friends of such), which is always a good time.

And I was able to successfully navigate myself around Toronto without any problems at all, which makes me very happy.


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