Tuesday, August 31, 2004

I was dreaming when I wrote this, forgive me if it goes astray

Finally back from moving the Squidge into her new digs in North Bay. Actually, all things considered, the move went *incredibly* well; making me fear for what will happen on Thursday, which begins what one friend has termed "Guelphapalooza". I have decided to prioritize between what *has* to be brought with me and what can wait a few weeks until someone has time to bring it down; I suspect the majority of my books and my beloved Cranium may remain behind in favour of more practical considerations. For example, I am much more likely to need my electric frying pan than all of my Nadine Gordimer books.

Both DnD campaigns are now on hiatus as everyone rushes back to school. Dragonquest could be reinitiated at Christmas, and I really hope it will be--since we just went up to epic level characters after being blessed by Bahamut. The plotting of non-magic Elizabethan England continues, and is likely to be crazy fun.

I spent last night with the Newlyweds, and we watched Denys Arcand's Le Déclin de l'empire americain, which is just brilliant. The Newlyweds have recommended Les Invasions Barbares, which is kind of a continuation of the same story, apparently, so I have to find someone to watch that with me.

Packing must continue, I suppose.

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The Writer said...

We really must get together this fall (providing you can) and head off to Stratford. I should (in theory) have the old G license. I vote car rental, good theatre, and general running amock.

Your thoughts?