Friday, August 27, 2004

I can see you with my eyes closed

A moving date has finally been decided upon, and thus I am into the homestretch before I move into my basement apartment. I must confess to being a bit afraid of living alone; my track record for performing basic activities when left to my own devices (for example, eating more than one meal a day) is not a good one. Thus, I have resolved to make a more concerted effort to ensure that I eat, and talk to people, and stay active, etc. while living on my own.

Odds of me just ending up glued to this machine anyway...2:1, probably.

I went on the least satisfying back-to-school shopping trip *ever* yesterday. I don't need a lot for school this year in terms of clothes and such, but I did want to pick up a few things...sweaters and such; some new pants, a pair of "responsible" shoes...but everywhere I went, there was either nothing in my size or only one cash register open and twenty people in the line-up. Some days, you are just not meant to buy things, I suppose. I did end up with a pair of cords and a t-shirt in the end, but not the corduroy blazer I so desperately want...ah well, there's always tomorrow.

I spent yesterday evening at a friend's house, partaking in badminton (I'd forgotten how much I love that), movie trivia (yay team T*C*R) and general camraderie with some of the friends I'm happy to have made/made better this summer.

Tim Hortons has started serving steeped tea (ie, from an actual pot of tea, as opposed to giving you a tea bag and hot water) and I'm not sure I like the changeover. It's still decent tea, but now a large costs me about 50 cents more, which gets a big boo-urns.

gotta get back, back to the pack, samurai jack

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