Monday, September 19, 2005

odds, sods, and dirty bits

If you're in need of a laugh on this particularly bleak Monday, may I recommend to you the minutes (if not hours) of fun that is Chubby Productions. It's run by Bryan, a casual acquaintance of mine from around Midland way, (who once starred as Margaret Atwood in a play I wrote, if you can imagine that, and was absolutely luminous). For the first time viewer, I would recommend Poetry by Brendan (who is a good friend of mine, and likely the most talented writer I will ever know) called The Cool Lagoon. If you like what Brendan has done, I should point out that he will be published in an upcoming issue of Grain, and that you can find his music project Vampire Killars online. He is the Slampire Thrillar, yo.

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