Friday, January 16, 2004

I went to a really good free lecture up at the school yesterday by a journalist by the name of Gqynne Dyer, a Canadian ex-pat living in England and working independently. It was pretty cool to see, as in the past the admin has had some difficulty in finding speakers that people actually want to see and stuff, but the theatre was actuallyf ull of both faculty and students.

He has a couple of well written articles on the website, which I highly recommend checking out if you have a chance, and he has a couple of books as well. The newest one is called "Ignorant Armies," and, well, I'm all about gratuitous Matthew Arnold references. He made some interesting predictions about the state of world politics over the course of the next four years, and talked a lot about the rise of the neo-conservative movement in the US.

Being able to go to stuff like this is one of my favourite parts about being in university.

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