Monday, February 23, 2004

it's a good thing I work well under pressure

yeah, yeah, I has been a long time, kids. so let me recap the last few weeks for you:
+applications to grad school: mailed off
+seminar on "the education of the artist" and Stella Bowen's Drawn From Life: done
+short feminist theory paper on gaze, desire, and homosocial relationships (sadly titled "Girls Gone Mild" in fit of believing in one's own wit): done
+job interview in Toronto for job in Ottawa: done; ambiguous feelings on potential outcome
+reading week: too short; too little accomplished
+job interview for SMATH: done; little doubt that will be offered job
+paper on the relationship between gender and the art of Stella Bowen in conception, reception, and interpretation of Drawn From Life: done
+phone call from UOttawa telling me that have forgotten to give them my birthdate on application forms, thereby preventing me from being entered into the computer: now fixed
+phone call from Carleton telling me that they have not received letters of reference, which are needed ASAP to submit my application for financial aid, and which were posted on February 10th, tracked, and marked as received by Canada Post: in the process of being dealt with

So that leaves me with:

+fixing the reference letter problem
+making a doctor's appointment
+writing a 15 page history paper which have not started writing nor researching, nor indeed, even picked a specific topic
+calling landlord to fix things for next year
+preparation for two seminars being given next week
+preparation for test on Franz Fanon
+finding a topic for web based learning module on Shelly Jackson's Patchwork Girl
+shopping for bridesmaid dress
+trying to implode

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