Monday, November 08, 2004

I Pity the Foucault IV: Search for the Blood Orchid

It's a Foucault time of year again, what can I say? It snowed briefly here in Guelph today, and I rather suspect that this is going to be a very snowy winter. Perhaps not here, but my comrades in the Bay that is Northerly may in for something a little rougher.

Which is where I am headed this weekend, so perhaps I ought not to be too smug about such goings on.

I handed in my research problem today, and nearly threw up afterwards. I wasn't nervous about it until after it had been handed in and then I suddenly remembered exactly how sucky my argument was...I really hope I don't flunk out. I ended up writing about the Canada, history, and national identity thing that I've been going on about for ages, and I think some of my argument is quite good, but some of it is decidedly weak...and dare I say, cursory. (My bibliography was also much shorter than everyone else's--waaaaahhhh!)

I did find a spectacular website that has some wonderful ruminations on the Great Questions of Canada, contributed by such notables as Charlotte Grey, Jack Granatstein, and Neil Bissoondath.

There are some meditations on foucault and Nietzsche that I will get around to later this week, possibly, as they are quite interesting.

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Anonymous said...

(Noise of knife scratching into computer screen) R-Y-A-N W-A-S H-E-R-E... Oh, hello there. Just thought I would stop by and say hello.

As I understand it you picked a doozy of a weekend to head up to the great white yonder. 10-15 cm of snow back home. Here we have the Northern Lights, sans snow, and a bunch of people freezing their asses off standing in line for Halo 2. Jokes on them, they'll be too numb to use their Xbox's by the time they get home anyhow.

Before I post a chapter on here I have to share one thing, lest it escape me later. Had a whole class on Foucault, and many encounters thereafter. Synopsis: The emperor has no clothes... 'nuff said.

- R.