Monday, May 30, 2005

midnight waters

It has been rather a while, hasn't it. Apologies for that; suffice to say, that there are some things in life that simply don't bear blogging about. I am also rapidly approaching my burn out point with my education at the moment, and highly suspect that no one wants to read about the disillusionment of an English student. It just wouldn't be pretty.

Things feel like they are on the upswing today, and I am going to try to keep them that way. Ain' nothing going to break my style; can't nobody hold me down. Or something.

Recap of the last little while: school, school, school, eyes checked (still worse!), Episode III (about what I thought it would be), home for a rest (yay, home), bits of working at various former jobs (yay, money!), 3 pitch softball with a team called Mantackle, and new books by Giles Blunt. Hurray for the wicked fictitious Algonquin Bay!

I've decided that one of my new projects will be to collect at least one published work from each of my professors who have published works.

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Anonymous said...

Once you collect said published works make sure you go around and get them all to sign them... and make a big fuss about it. That makes some of them squirm a little with discomfort. Totally worth it. I suspect it has something to do with a sense of anonymity that comes with being a reclusive academic. All the others will likely just be tickled pink someone read their work and will bristle with momentary self importance. It's adorable.

- R