Monday, January 23, 2006

what do you do with a drunken sailor (pretentious English major?)

I have a three hour gap between classes Monday afternoons, so I have taken to spending time in one of the newer student lounges on campus, which is fun because a) there are glass walls on two sides, b) lots of comfy couches, c) lots of places to plug in a laptop, d) great for people watching, and e) it's generally pretty quiet and devoid of undergrads. The last few times I've been in here, however, there have been two (who I suspect are English or History majors, as we can smell our own) who truly bring new meaning to pretentious. Sample quote, "but, my god, an AK47 is SUCH an outdated weapon. Like, as if people still use those." They've also been waxing poetic about the wonderous artistic integrity of Hunter S. Thompson, patron saint of posers everywhere.

Kris, we were never that bad, were we?

Not too much to report on this end. I've spent some time gallavanting around Northern Ontario, visiting boys and such. This past weekend was also the tremendously fun Winter Classic, a three day casual sports event at the university. The section put in a team; we played hard; we came in second out of thirty teams. None too shabby--and only a few injuries were sustained. I came out with some minor bumps and bruises on my knees (and a nice one of my wrist from getting hit on the wrist in broomball); mostly I'm just sore from a day of physical exertion followed by a night of drinking and dancing. Gotta get myself in shape for formal this weekend.

All the couches in here have me wanting to build a fort to hide out in.

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