Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I can has kitteh?

Yes, u can has kitteh.

Kitteh has no name at present, but he does have cute. His shelter name is Elliot but he's young enough that we'll be able to rename him (he doesn't respond to Elliot at all). I really like the name Elliott (which seems all the more apropos as Brett and I have been talking about Elliott Smith all week) but the boyfriend does not. I'm thinking a Neil Gaiman name would be nice. Perhaps Tristan? It is hard to say.

Owning a house is far more stressful than I had ever anticipated. Kittehs make things better.


BeRosie said...

VERY cute! My baby kitteh is now 4 years old and not so little. I might need to come by for some kitten-love!

fineskylark said...

:D That sounds great. The place isn't perfect yet, but it is now good enough that I wouldn't feel totally ashamed to have people over (with the "we're still moving in and settling down" caveat). And this kitteh is full of love.

Ophelia Ballycastle said...

I had a kitty named Misty (girl of course) who looked just like your kitty and she lived to be 16! so here is to a long lived and long loved kitty!