Tuesday, February 24, 2009

bad blogger

I am a bad blogger.

More correctly, I'm a busy blogger who also has the personality defect of being somehwat lazy, an dletting her personal life swamp her rather than taking the time to add a tiny bit of sanity and order to the chaos by writing 100 words here.

Sleep has been something of a luxury lately, as changes in my schedule have confused the cat to no end, and he is now determined to wake us up through playing the pouncing game at various hours of the morning. This has resulted in him getting shut in the bathroom for a few hours each morning in the interests of actually being able to sleep. Now, of course, he has conked right out on the floor. He is a very tired cat, you see.

I started a pair of socks last Monday and I am within five pattern repeats of finishing them--I can't believe how fast they've come off the needles. The yarn is a merino/bamboo/nylon blend, and it handles so nicely. This is my first attempt at toe up socks, and it's been a good experience on the whole. I am a bit worried that it will result in a lot of ankle/short socks, though, as I usually get very bored of what I'm doing after the heel. Cuff down, I have to keep going because socks need a toe, but toe up, I'm free to quit whenever I want to...

I've also cast on for my mom's birthday present. She's been after me to make her a sweater for a while now, but when pressed she's expressed no interest in any of the particulars: size, colour, shape, cardigan vs. pullover, fibre, etc. Thus, I've chosen the yarn and pattern myself, and will reclaim the sweater if she doesn't like it. (Although I'm pretty sure she will.) The only thing I'm really nervous about is the fit--I may have sized a bit big, but I supposed bigger is better than smaller.

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