Monday, October 21, 2002

I have decided to go with the Pepys essay topic and write about how technology is a plague that is slowing destroying humanity. I plan to talk about the Sims in it as well, even though I have never played that particular game. Caesar II has always been more my style. It seems to be going okay so far, even though it's more of an 800 word creative writing assignment than an academic paper. (Not that I'm complaining, mind you).

In a month or so I will be conducting a seminar on Jean de Brebeuf entitled: Brebeuf: Hero or Madman? I think I'd like to argue in favour of him being a hero, even though there certainly a good deal of evidence supporting the latter argument. (He wore a spike belt, for godsakes, and whipped himself. And he was a visionary). But we shall see; we shall see.

A small sample of the Secret Diary of Samuel Pepys, Aged 13 3/4
2nd. The television is, indeed, a vast medium. Its usefulness is at times doubtful, as much of the programming has the appearance of having no set purpose: there are many occurrences that are difficult to comprehend; and many people whose primary occupation is with their own lives. Several hours of careful observation have impressed on me that the programmes dealing with the happenings across the globe are perhaps the most usefull; and yet even these seem to be much swayed with political bents; recording only the plagues of unrest and turmoil that seem frequent here

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