Monday, December 27, 2004

it's been a while, indeed

The holidays always take so much out of me. this one in particular has been odd. Owing to the lateness of my return home, I haven't been in much of Christmas (nor, indeed, holiday) spirit, and I haven't been sleeping well either, so the holiday has physically felt as though someone has been kicking me.

It's been an odd day here. We've been without power for 7.5 hours throughout the day--a three hour stretch this morning and then another four tonight. Mercifully I was able to escape--first to Barrie, where I purchased the gorgeous, decadent, marvelous The Museum Called Canada, by Charlotte Grey. Aside from glorying at some THSWSNBN-related information--found in Martyrs' Hall--and the Rights Auditorium, the book has made me smile quite a bit.

I also spent some $60 on yarn and such. Quite a lot of it was on sale, which made me happy, and I got more bamboo needles. I made two sock monkeys yesterday (my family's latest thing) and now am busy outfitting them in the best of knitted finery. In the spirit of the sock monkey book, I am contemplating writing stories for Alfred and Alfrieda.

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The Writer said...

Ms. Rhi, I drove by your place Monday morning. There were no signs of life, however, and thereby a stop was not warranted.
Though, that being said, I was VERY tempted to wail on the horn. Elmvale is such a sleepy place. Surely a few people could have done with my impromptue alarm clock (especially with that wonderful lack of electricity).

Happy New Year, Ms. Rhi. I certainly hope you've a wonderful time in the months to come.