Monday, August 15, 2005

anarchy for sale

So, as the Writer points out, I lied and didn't update yesterday. To be fair, I was busy moving my junk out of my apartment in Guelph (it has now taken over my poor parents' house here), and going to see The Skeleton Key.

So. As mentioned, the thesis is done. I feel better than I have felt in months--it's no longer festering somewhere in the back of my mind, quietly disapproving when I didn't work on it, and loudly proclaiming my inadequacy when I did. This means that I get today to myself, as well: I get to clean my room, do laundry, pay bills, apply for new student loans, unpack some of my stuff from a trailer, do some role playing, possibly knit and make some jewelry. It should be marvelous.

Seven more days of work left. Once work is done, I am jetting off to Prince Edward Island for five days, before making my triumphant return to North Bay to learn how edumacate other people, and pick up a spiffy new laptop. This is pretty exciting. I also have been hired by the university to be the Lead Technology Assistant for my class...helping people with their computer problems=good times.

I will write more later, but right now I should go be a productive member of my family.

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The Writer said...

Since you had a valid reason for not completed the aforementioned promise of posting, you are forgiven. Huzzah! The Rodent Hoards bestow their blessings upon you for the upcoming edumacational season...and you're little sisters, too! (Should be read in the voice of the wicked witch of the west, à la "And you're little dog, too!)

Yes, we are marvelously bored here in Toronto.