Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Bon Jovi gives love a good name!

Back in my erstwhile high school days, I had a friend by the name of Julia. Julia and I were both huge retro geeks even then (and friends in Finn) and used to have a lot of fun together loving the 80s life. When high school ended, she went off to Toronto and I to North Bay, but we have kept sporadically in touch over the years.

Julia is obsessed with Bon Jovi. Not just 'casual fan who owns greatest hits'; not 'devoted fan who owns the whole CD library and some imported vinyl'; but owns Bon Jovi bedsheets from Germany obsessed.

Which why is you should go here and read a story that, even if you hate Bon Jovi, should make you like him at least a little bit.

Congratulations Jewels and Matt!

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