Sunday, February 12, 2006

I'm just second hand news...

According to the UofG website, Scott "Griffin Prize for Poetry" Griffin will be my convocation speaker for the College of Arts graduation next Monday. He's also Scott "House of Anasi Press" Griffin if that means anything to you.

That's kind of exciting, though Adrienne Clarkson is one of the other speakers, and she would have been interesting to hear. Gwynne Dyer (whom I have already heard speak), Pamela Wallin, and Michael Ignatieff are also speaking at various other graduations.

Grade seven starts tomorrow. Wish me luck.

God knows I'll need it.


Ginny said...

Good luck tomorrow! Don't let them boss you around either. You will do very well!

Straittohell said...

I've already heard Gwynne Dyer speak as well... in my Grade 12 history class, believe it or not.