Wednesday, July 14, 2004

my aching heart would bleed for you to see...

I've been rather enjoying the music of Annie Lennox lately. She has such a lovely voice; I've often thought that if I could choose how my voice would sound when I sang, I would choose her voice. Or, occasionally, Chrissie Hynde.

It's been a busy couple of weeks. THSWSNBN has switched from my old, reliable schedule of Tuesday-Saturday to some kind of 4 days on, 2 days off deal and it's taking some adjustment, although I am enjoying it on the whole, especially since I have been able to visit Wonderland and spend time with friends that I would not have been able to otherwise, like the Mathman.

The parents had a good trip out east; the sister had a good time being here without them. Or at least this sister did. I should probably announce, as well, that the boy and I are no more; I have lost a boyfriend and (hopefully) gained a friend. Any questions will be answered in due time.

More real-life people keep jumping on the bloggy bandwagon, which I quite like. A special welcome to the Pretender. She's a good egg.

Pay day tomorrow, and I have my GST cheque as well. So hopefully tomorrow will yield a haircut, some new DVDs, and possibly a henna kit of some kind. I got two paw prints put on my tummy while at Wonderland, and I'm quite entranced by them. Not quite entranced enough to take the capital-T tattoo plunge, but still highly amused. Friday will involve book shopping, coffee, and a movie...and perhaps I will finally pick up Air's score to the Virgin Suicides...or possibly even the Virgin Suicides in paperback. Although, that may not be the best idea...since every time I read that book (and I do adore it) I wind up depressed for several weeks.

New books are terribly exciting to me...I wish I knew what classes I was taking/TA-ing, so I could start reading up...

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The Writer said...

Ms Rhi, what are you doing on Saturday? Please let me know. And in regards to the boy...I don't know what to say really. Sorry, perhpas. Though...well...I'm terrible with these things. So I'm simply going to shut my mouth before I say something ridiculously stupid. Love ya' lots