Thursday, February 03, 2005

ah, it's not my conscience that begs to be untrue...

What a long week. I keep having to remind myself that it isn't over, as I have to teach tomorrow morning...but for some reason I feel even more exhausted when I think about that. Bleh. We're doing Poe's The Purloined Letter, which I am honestly not a huge fan the point where I've just said "screw it" to the lesson planning and will simply make something up tomorrow on the bus ride to the school.

It is gloriously warm here in Guelph; I am loving this southern Ontario winter thing. It's going to kill me to move back to North Bay Rock City in the fall, if I do.

I have spent a good portion of the evening pondering a House Committee on UnCanadian Activities; I find myself wondering who would chair it, who would be on it, and whom it would be investigating. Deborah Grey could chair...with Jack Granatstein riding shotgun. Certainly my loathing of The Tragically Hip would make me suspicious...

It makes me want to read The Crucible again.


Anonymous said...

Point of order! I should point out that "House Committee" is what the Americans call theirs, ours are Standing Committees. I'm afraid you have a lot to answer for... (*sound of you being dragged off in shackles from the committee room*)

Might I suggest you add either Joe Clark or dig up Dief and add him to the committee? You need someone stern with a decent set of jowls to draw pronouncement.

- R.

Anonymous said...

Ja, you forgot the part where Preston Manning gets to join in the party as well. Although I would be willing to kick him out of the Vice-Chair position and make him a sergeant at arms who announces everything. "Allllllll riiiiiiiise for the hoooooooonouralbe Deboraaah Greyyy". Of course, this is entirely based on the pre-speach therapy Preston Manning, which would mean that I've have to punch him in the larynx, but I'm okay with that.

I fully accept the notion of "R" in saying that we dig up Dief the Chief... couldn't have suggested a better idea myself.

I must, however, insist that Stephen Harper be granted entry, so he can continue to make a right-wing ass of himself on the national scene. It's the least we could do.


Anonymous said...

It's Funboy. I hate the Hip, too. I made Elspeth one of their cds, but there wasn't any track listing saying how long the songs were, so I listened to each one to make sure it was complete. It was agony!