Tuesday, February 08, 2005

past the second post

Back from the weirdness that is Pilates, now. I actually like the exercise and the class and all, but there is just something about "rolling like a ball" that is just plain weird--though I love the way it makes my back feel.

I'm currently in the process of my intial forays into two new projects. The first is my final paper for Lit and Anthropology, which I could take in a number of different directions. One is to look at EJ Pratt's Brebeuf and his Brethren (that's Trent University's annotated version of the text...it's a long, epic poem) and look at how Pratt turns the ethnographic into the literary. Another appraoch might be to take the ethnographic (specifically the Jesuit Relations) and look at how it becomes literary commodity in both the seventeenth century and today. Or maybe something about Angela Carter? (I'm just kidding about that one. Mostly.)

Project the Second is about the relationship between weblogging and autobiography. I have a partner in crime of sorts for this one (or at the very least a sounding board) in one of my classmates, who is working on theorizing hypertext. Oh, the madness that will come from our geekdom.

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