Thursday, February 17, 2005

really good conversations I have had lately, part I:

"cut me STRAIGHT to the HEART, now we're getting someWHERRRRRE..."
"This is such a good song."
"Bring it BACK to the START."
"Now we're getting somewhere!"
"When I'm with YOU, I don't CARE where it is I'm falling..."
"This song should be--"
"--on Recurring Dream. Yeah, totally."
"It just doesn't make sense--"
"--that it isn't. Although, Chocolate Cake charted in Canada, and it's not on there either."
"What would you take off of Recurring Dream to fit both of those songs on there?"
"Oh. Good question."
"Not the Girl You Think You Are" (simultaneously)
"That's only one song, though."
"Well, I didn't say Chocolate Cake needed to be on there. I just said that it charted. Actually, it was one of only four CH singles to chart commercially in Canada. So in the conceptualization of the "greatest hits" album, it..."
[smack. silence.]
" Chocolate Cake, then?"

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Straittohell said...

Yah, that pretty much sums it up. Except that you left out the part where we desperately tried to fit in Chocolate Cake by going through every song of recurring dream and doing Survivor-style voting to figure out a second song to usurp. Was that just simply an attempt to hide the ultimate act of geekery, or was that meant for part II?