Monday, June 14, 2010

Get in the car, boy!

I swatched and cast on a pair of kilt hose for my love today. We were home briefly over the weekend to visit parents and get wedding stuff done, which included taking the men for kilt fittings. I'd been putting off starting the project for a variety of reasons--finishing some baby knits, working on my mom's Rogue, the fact that no one wants to make knee socks for a man--but I've realized that there isn't really all that much time left and that I needed to get moving, especially since I know that this is the type of project that I will stall out on. This way, I should have room to put the socks down when the k4p1 ribbing gets exhausting, and still finish them in time for the wedding. I've opted for the John Anderson's Kilt Hose pattern, though I've been told it's not especially well-written. I really like the cable that runs down the side.

I'll be home again later this week it seems; my mother is whisking me off on an adventure that I currently know nothing about. I've been told to bring comfortable shoes, a camera, and a large bag. It should be pretty exciting. I have a couple of ideas about the things that I think it might be, and if it's any one of them it will be exceptionally cool. It will be good to spend time with my crazy mother, at any rate, and to put the DSLR to good use.

I am mid-way through the second season of Twin Peaks now, well past what I'm assured is the point at which it ceases to make sense. I've really enjoyed it so far: it's been fascinating to watch Lynch try to work within television as a medium, and his Freudian tendencies are just so delightfully transparent here. It's amazing to me that so few people from the show went on to become well known, as a lot of the performances are actually quite endearing. Apparently the center cannot hold and everything will collapse upon itself shortly, but it's been good times so far, not least because I've been watching it with a friend, which forces a limit on my desire to binge on good tv. Left to my own devices, I'd probably have finished Twin Peaks in two days.

I'm also finally sitting down to give my full attention to Doctor Who. Space has started showing it starting with the Christopher Eccleston episodes. It was my good fortune to be awake with insomnia the night that it was starting, and I've been enjoying an episode a day ever since. I like Eccleston a lot, although I do have moments when I can't stop myself from muttering, "F---ing bin-bag" under my breath. I have a similar problem with Michael Gambon as Dumbledore--I can't stop myself from yelling, "Get in the car, boy!" at least four time every time I watch one of his Harry Potter films.

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