Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mom's Magical Mystery Tour

Longtime readers of the blog (as well as those of you who know me in the flesh) will be familiar with the exploits of my mother. My mother is awesome, but she might also be totally nuts. While I was home last weekend, she let me know that she needed me to come back this weekend to whisk me off on an adventure--and not just any adventure. A surprise adventure. A surprise adventure that I still know nothing about, even though I'm back at my parents' house and we're setting forth tomorrow. In short: insane but awesome.

The first part of the surprise was revealed tonight: I received an envelope with a map in it. The map took me to the house of a girl I went to high school with, who runs a small salon out of her house. I now have lovely, well -shaped, iridescent fingernails, and bright, cheerfully orange toenails. My hands and feet are delightfully soft, and I feel very relaxed.

I'm the oldest of three girls, as you've likely surmised.1 According to my dad, my mother is having severe moments of "My baby is getting maaaaaarried," so she has planned this weekend as a special mommy-daughter weekend that will let us spend some time together before I get married. It's definitely a very sweet thought on my mother's part. I have absolutely no idea what we are doing tomorrow, but I do have a couple of possible ideas:
  1. Winery tour of Niagara region2
  2. Trip to Stratford for Shakespeare
  3. Trip to Toronto for shopping and theatre3
  4. Yarn crawl of southern Ontario
  5. Tea crawl of souther Ontario
  6. Visit to an alpaca farm to help in alpaca shearing4
  7. Spa day5
I'm not sure if I'll have any internet access while I'm gone, but I'm definitely bringing the camera. Stayed tuned for the big reveal!

1 It is, indeed, why I refer to my sisters as Middle and Youngest.
2 Kind of have my fingers crossed for this one, I'm not going to lie.
3 In which case, I really hope it's Jersey Boys
4 It's my imaginary magical mystery tour, and I'll shear alpacas if I want to, okay?
5 Given that I've already had my hands and feet done, this seems less likely.

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