Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pretty Papers

The living room of Chez Skylark looks like a stationery factory at the moment, as I have spent the last few days of my life assembling my wedding invitations. I'm very pleased with how they have come out, but I certainly appreciate why most people just buy everything: it was a lot of bloody work. (Granted, doing it myself was infinitely cheaper than it would've been to have them made for us, but still, I wouldn't have been able to do it if a) I actually had a job during the summer months, and b) I hadn't had a considerable amount of help from my dad, Youngest, and Mat.)

I ordered the supplies from Cards and Pockets. We used the Signature Pocketfold kits in Milk Chocolate and Turquoise. (Our actual colours are a dark teal and espresso brown; these two came the closest out of everything I've seen in any invitation company.) I designed the layout for the invitation and the enclosures myself (with some inspiration and some clip art from One Heart Weddings) in Microsoft Publisher. My dad helped me print them (and cut/trim, which was a huge job). Youngest helped me sort them. I glued them all together, with some help from Mat. I cut the blue bands from matching cardstock, and used special modern sealing wax to put the Clan Gordon crest on the outside.

photo 114
photo 115
photo 118

I also dug out my (t)rusty fountain pen to do the addressing. (Those who are receiving their invitations in person are getting proper calligraphy; unfortunately, I am not sufficiently masochistic to address all 80+ invitations in full calligraphy. I will probably do all the place cards by hand, though.)

According to the website, I have a mere 96 days left.


Anonymous said...

No idea if this matters, but while you blocked out the details on the invite but the wedding wire link is totally visible.

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