Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Knit & Crochet Blog Week - Day 2

Today's post is supposed to be about a pattern to which I aspire. I am reasonably confident in my knitting skills, so this was a bit tricky to figure out. Don't get me wrong--there are definitely things that I don't know how to do,* and lots of skills that I still want to acquire, but one of the things that I like about knitting is that I know that, with enough patience and dedication, I will eventually figure it out.

The current project that has me intimidated is Jenna Wilson's beautiful Rogue sweater. Again, it's not that it involves things that I think I can't do; it's more just the sheer size of the project. I am also a little worried about the set-in sleeves, as I have struggled with those in the past. It is also a gift for my mother, so I need to do a good job on it.

I think I'm also a little intimidated by it because I had picked out the pattern for myself years and years ago when I was in grad school and one of my new knitting friends showed it to me. Just before Christmas last year, my mother started dropping the big hints about wanting a sweater with Celtic-style cables, going so far as to point out some sample sweaters at the local yarn store for me.** Unfortunately, these samples were...well, ugly, and I couldn't bear the idea of making something that large that I didn't find esthetically pleasing. I was honour-bound to show my mum Rogue, which, of course, she fell in love with right away.

I'm hoping to cast on later today. Wish me luck!

*For example, I don't know how to do a long tail cast on.
**Remember yesterday when I talked about how my mum knit 16 fair isle sweaters in one year? Yup, same mum. She just really wants me to knit the sweater for some reason.

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