Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Knitting & Crochet Blog Week - Day Three

I take a lot of inspiration from other knitters (which is probably true of most people who are on Ravelry or who belong to community knitting groups). Back when knitting was a solo endeavour for me, I tended to make a lot of mittens and felted purses. I still like making these things, but I have branched out a lot since then, and I think that's in large part because I have come in to contact with so many talented knitters. Seeing the things that they create makes me a better knitter because it allows to imagine and re-imagine the things that I might make.

Since the purpose of today's post is to highlight one great knitter in particular, I'm going to pick on my friend Sherrin, who goes by strangeangel on Ravelry. I met Sherrin as part of my MA cohort, when she kind of adopted me in the first few weeks of class. We didn't do nearly enough knitting together that year, but we have kept in touch in the nearly five years since we graduated. She is now busy being brilliant PhDwise at another university in southern Ontario, and I love looking at her project gallery on Rav. Not only is she tremendously skilled as a knitter, she has a great eye for colour and an even better eye for matching yarns with projects. I also admire her ability to actually finish her projects.

There's a lot of lovely things on Sherrin's Projects page, especially since she's discovered lace knitting, so I'll try to keep my favourite picks simple: I love her End of Papers Mitts, her first Aeolian shawl, Lions and Lopi and Stranding, Oh My!, her husband's Better Biker Boy, and, of course, Pasha.

Looking at her work always leaves me inspired--I only wish I'd been able to take better advantage of that when we lived in the same city.

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