Monday, May 10, 2010

Alligator Tears

This has been the busiest May I've had since taking this job. My branch of the faculty association is gearing up for contract negotiations, and we hope get things off the ground soon. This means lots of meetings, and I have also volunteered myself to administer our blog, which should keep me hopping as things get underway.

My Knit Picks order arrived this morning: I finally have a copy of the EZ Knitters' Almanac, which looks quite promising. I also picked up a couple of the new Stroll Tonals, which are gorgeous. I have one skein in Gypsy, a stunning red, and one in Blue Violet, which is just what the name describes. I also got 3 skeins of undyed wool/nylon yarn in a sport weight for Mat's kilt hose. I think I'm going to make the Toirneach socks from Knitty for him, adjusted to use sport weight. All of the patterns I've looked at call for worsted weight, which I'm a bit hesitant to use, as I've not found a worsted weight yarn with any nylon content. (Well, not at a price I can afford, anyway.) The nylon is a must--Mat wears through regular socks quite quickly, and even if these are only special occasion socks, I want them to last as long as possible. I've also seen a few pairs worked up in worsted, and they are heavy and thick. Sport weight should hopefully minimize some of the bulk.

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