Saturday, May 08, 2010

DKC Knitters Frolic By The Numbers

I'm sitting in one of two adjoining hotel rooms with three other women from the guild. Two more have gone out in search of food. There is so much yarn here it's almost obscene. I am exhausted in the best possible "I walked all over Don Mills" way.

So, without any further ado, here is my Frolic experience by the numbers:

1: Stop on the way down (at the Purple Sock)
2: skeins of 3 ply Wellington Fibers 50/50 merino/mohair in a dark teal
3: number of sweaters brought with me
4: rounds of buffet eating at the Mandarin (my dad would be proud)
20: minutes spent waiting to check into the hotel while the poor desk clerk was harassed by a guy who told her that her eyebrows were sexy
8: pillows in our hotel room
3: bottles of wine consumed last night
1: new button given to me personally by Amy Singer
8: compliments on my Rosamund sweater
6: skeins of Peace Fleece in the nicest green imaginable
6: skeins of Diamond Yarns Homestead in white
1200: metres of Fleece Artist Saldanha
1: skein of Mountain Colors Bearfoot
1: skein of DK weight Tanis Fibre
2: felt covered soaps
1: bottle of "Unleashed" SOAK
1: sock monkey box bag for projects
198: price, in dollars, of awesome dress at Anthropologie
27: number of times I wanted to cross myself while looking at prices in Anthropologie

"Being among our own kind": PRICELESS.

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