Thursday, May 06, 2010

find my direction magnetically

I actually wrote a whole post this morning about the Canadian government's position on funding women's reproductive health in developing countries, but I have decided against posting it until I can better support my arguments.

So here is the second entry for today. I haven't really accomplished much today aside from participating in a two hour meeting for one of the committees I sit on. (Speaking of which, I volunteered myself to sit on three more union committees next year, in addition to this one and my duties on the AcademicImperial Senate. It has been suggested to me that I may be overextending myself, but I don't think that I am. The main committee should be a summer endeavour that will hopefully be finished its business by September, and the other committees are ones that meet infrequently and/or over email. Also, applying for a PhD program is still on the table, so I want to pad my CV as much as possible.)

It has been a slow couple of months for me on the knitting front; I've started and ripped out more projects than I'd like to admit over the last few weeks. I've actually only completed two things since the end of March, which is a very low productivity rate. It's interesting--I generally identify myself as a process knitter rather than a product knitter, but I'm a little irritated that my productivity level has been so low. I've been trying to pick out projects on Rav to have in mind while I'm in a yarn buying mood at the Frolic this weekend. What are you making right now? What do you think I should make next?

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Sparky said...

I actually haven't physically knitted much either. I've wasted hours on Ravelry snooping at patterns, but I haven't really done much. I have a present to finish (it's only 2 weeks late...), a baby sweater to finish, 3 baby gifts that need creating, and a couple of ideas for new patterns. Also, I'd like to start learning the basics of sock knitting and laceworking, and test-running wedding shawls.

I'm sure you'll find something that tickles your fancy. And I KNOW that going to the frolick will inspire you. Just take a deep breath, and cast on! :)