Friday, May 28, 2010

Enter: Experiment In Progress

So it has been just over a month now since I decided that I was going to make the effort to blog every day, and it's been an interesting month. I have really liked taking the time to write a little bit every day, and I hope that I can keep the momentum going forward as I ease in to the summer. One of the unfortunate side effects of the daily blogging has been that there've been a few too many "today I had a bowl of Special K Red Berries cereal for breakfast"-type entries, but I expect that it will get better with time, particularly as I get used to knowing that I need to update every day. The best piece of adivce that I was given was to try to update in the morning whenever possible, which was definitely true. I only missed two days in the whole month, which I'm quite pleased with, and both times it was because I had anticipated updating in the evening and wound up going out instead.

One of the big changes to the way that I blog is that I'm taking more time over the individual entries; some of the longer ones have taken three or four days to write and edit before posting. Right now, I'm working on one that thinks about Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber and female pubescent desire that I'm hoping can go up in the next couple of days. I also want to collect my thoughts on the finale of LOST1 and perhaps some on Twin Peaks as well. (Academic Colleague and I were unable to restrain ourselves, so we watch five episodes yesterday, bringing us up to the end of the first season.)

In about two weeks, I will be celebrating the tenth anniversary of the day that I started blogging, and I intend to have a strong, thoughtful, and generally kick ass essay written for that event.

1 Although, I think I said the same thing about the BSG finale, and I've yet to think of anything even remotely interesting to say about it.

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