Friday, May 21, 2010


Today has been a true comedy of errors. In spite of a variety of screw ups, both divine and personal, I finally arrived in Bracebridge to attend the conference. Unfortunately, I missed all of today's panels and films as a result of my late arrival, though I did arrive in time for dinner and the keynote address, which actually prefigures some of the arguments that I'll make tomorrow. The paper is done, or at least done enough that I've printed a hard copy to read.

Conference people are funny. I sat with a group at dinner where one person (a philosophy student at a Christian college) wanted to argue that Nietzche's vision of salvation is poisonous. Unfortunately, my Nietzche, Spinoza, and Heidegger are rusty, so I couldn't offer much to rebutt his arguments...more for the summer reading list.

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