Monday, July 12, 2010

The Best Parts of Lonely

Every time I hear Owl City's "Fireflies" (which is relatively frequently, since it gets a lot of airplay up here), it makes me sad because I always have a moment of "Yay, new Postal Service...oh. Damn." It also makes me irritated, because one of the lyrics states "To ten million fireflies/ I'm weird because I hate goodbyes," which is just...stupid. Does anyone really like goodbyes?

I said goodbye to two things last night: David Lynch's Twin Peaks and my friend Sean. We watched the last five episodes of Twin Peaks, got some Indian take out, and had a pretty casual last evening. I got to try the True Blood energy drink, and it was delicious. Not $9/bottle delicious, but very tasty nonetheless. (I am a sucker for blood orange drinks. President's Choice makes one that is exactly what I think Orangina should taste like.) The end of Twin Peaks was quite interesting--uneven in a lot of ways, but also delightfully Lynchian. I still have a hard time imagining how people felt watching it when it happened, since it's totally unlike anything on television. (I also can't believe that the network allowed it to be aired in that form. They must have been so happy that it was over.)

Saying goodbye to Sean was a bit harder. We taught the second half of the Intro course together this past semester, and working with him has been the most fun that I've had in this job. We have a lot of fun outside of the classroom as well, and it's been good to have a friend in my department. (Not that my other other colleagues aren't friendly, but Sean and I are the only people under 35, so the dynamic is a bit different.) He's been enormously helpful in getting me to think through some of the decisions I have to make about my future as an academic.

At least it gives me an excuse to visit Ottawa. And he's promised me that when I come, he'll take me to a club that has an 80s night, and to the university library. (I will probably be on my own for the knitting stores, but that's okay.)

Speaking of knitting, I have little progress to report. The foot of sock #2 is determined to take forever, it seems, aided in part by the warm temperatures 'round these parts lately. Thankfully, the heatwave seems to have broken today: It's overcast and only 23 degrees, which means it should be excellent knitting weather. (Possibly excellent weather for watching the first season of Angel, as well.) I had contemplated doing some baking, but we will be headed out of town for the weekend (hopefully) and I don't want to make anything that won't get eaten before we go. I think that my new food for the week should be something baked, though. Perhaps some Martha Stewart Molton Lava Cakes.

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