Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Boxy Drawstring Project Bag Tutorial

For someone who likes to pride herself on a keen critical understanding of contemporary culture, I am a sucker for packaging. Put two things that I don't need in a neat box, and I'll buy it. I'm very aesthetically oriented in that way, and in particular with my crafting. I love the variety of different project bags that are available for purchase on Etsy (to say nothing of the more upscale options, like everything that Jordana Paige or Namaste makes). I've got a strong streak of "but I could just make that" which usually prevents me from buying things,1 particularly with sewn items since I own rather a lot of fabric for someone who doesn't really spend all that much time sewing. These bags are the perfect size for small projects like socks. They also make good gifts for non-knitters. Here is what you will need:

Materials Needed:
• One fat quarter of fabric (or two if you intend to line it in a different
• Contrasting thread
• 9 mm ribbon, two 30” lengths
• Sewing machine
• Iron
• Cutting mat/ruler
• Scissors
• Dressmaker chalk (or other way to mark fabric)
• Pins
• Seam ripper

I made a few of these bags last winter, but neglected to save the tutorial that I made them from. Unfortunately, it seems to have disappeared in the interim: my Google-fu was not good enough to track it down again. Thus, I have created a pattern based on what I remember. I've written up the notes for my project bag as a PDF tutorial, which is available for download here. I've never written a sewing pattern before, and I welcome all feedback. If you are the author of the original, please let me know and I will gladly credit you.


1 Which is foolish, because just because I can doesn't mean that I will.

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