Wednesday, January 12, 2005

in love with love and lousy poetry!

Today has turned out to be much more perilous than I had anticipated. The buses stopped running this morning because the city is pretty much black ice all over; I (foolishly) decided to walk downtown (about a 25 minute walk from my apartment) to catch a bus downtown (as 2080 was this morning) and got one of the last buses to the school. The university campus has become what I've decided to term 'The Giant Skating Rink...of Death!1!' (typos intended, of course) and it is absolutely treacherous out there, so I think that once I get my lunch I will come back to MacKinnon and park my ass, with my mp3 player, my sweater-in-progress, and my reading.

I finished the His Dark Materials trilogy, and am completely and totally in love. Now that I have read them, I am absolutely boggled by the potential that the film adaptations might be made with no references to the Church. I got a really nice Dell boxed set of the books, which makes me very happy. I am still seeking a nice set of The Chronicles of Narnia, but my criteria are too demanding, I suspect: I'd prefer individual books, and I'd also prefer *not* to pay $90 for the set...

Sarah Harmer will be playing a tsunami benefit concert here in Guelph next week, and I am quite excited for it.

Ah well. Off to lunch, my beauties...

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