Tuesday, January 25, 2005

you're sure? better be...Gryffindor!

It's rather a wonderful thing to find yourself falling in love with your new school and city, and actually being disappointed that you only have another seven months to spend there. The UGoo sports teams are the Guelph Gryphons, and our school colours are gold, scarlet, and black--is it any wonder that sometimes I secretly pretend that I am a student at Hogwarts? (Of course, technically I'm a Ravenclaw, but a girl can dream, can't she?)

The sock minkey obsession rages on through various parts of Ontario. I have made two monkeys (with the help of my lovely baby sister) and a socktopus so far; it's really interesting to see how quickly they develop their own characters...although perhaps that is simply my silly, overactive imagination. The socktopus, in particular, who is destined to control the sock minkey army my family is slowly building (even mon pere is involved), has developed a very dictatorial style and several vicious attack strategies. As the Squidge says, this is what you get for naming him General Socktopus. Alfred, my other minkey, is fun too--he's made from a very small set of socks, and has a correspondingly very sweet disposition, and doesn't mind when I forget that he's on the chair and sit on him.

School is soldiering on at the moment. Am not too panicked yet as am trying to save that for a future date (current prediction for this will be in a couple of weeks).


The Writer said...

Ms. Rhi, I certainly hope your armies have no intentions of clashing with my own. We should join forces. Waddayathink?

As for the panicking in a fortnight, you should come and visit the city that is Toronto. Much merriment could we have. Besides, ye wonderful girlfriend must meet you lot. She survived the Catholic family, you folks outta' be easy. *Crosses fingers*

Ginny said...

Hey Rhi;

A bunch of us made a list comparing Nipissing to Hogwarts. Here's one of our points:

Nipissing Eddies are like house elves. You don't really ever see them away from a large group, and to set them free, instead of giving them clothing, you take away their laptop. :P

Anonymous said...

as the squidge says: you are just as crazy as les parents