Saturday, January 08, 2005

The New Year and Resolving to be Resolute

The whole New Year's Resolution thing is perhaps silly, and probably overdone, but here I am anyway, as I definitely could use some improvement. So:
i) keep track of everything I read so I can figure out exactly how much I do read in any given month or year*
ii) stay organized and manage time better
iii) do not overeat
iv) manage money more effectively
v) update here more often and more relevantly
vi) turn Snipes and Gripes into something more regular and more funny
vii) see the finn brothers again
viii) submit at least one conference proposal
ix) maintain A average
x) do not get sticky stuff on keyboard

*To date, I have read 6 books in 2005.


The Writer said...

"Do not get sticky stuff on the keyboard."
That would be an interesting proposition. Though, I do believe you've just jinxed yourself, my dear.

Best of luck with the remainder to your resolutions.

fineskylark said...

I was eating a (ridiculously unseasonable) Cadbury Creme Egg as I was typing that, and my E key suffered as a I thought "perhaps I simply ought not to eat at the computer"...but I think we all know how likely that is to happen.

Seriously though, why Cadbury eggs already?