Thursday, January 06, 2005

prior to my return to academia...

It's been a lovely, busy few days. Youngest sister and I have been busy puzzling out a CSI mystery, curling (she as skip, me as spectator and official monkey clothier), and lunching with friends, which is quite eerie for me--they are all 16-17 years old now, and I have known a number of them since they were 4 or 5, and my goodness, are they all old. Youngest is also the local high school's athlete of month. Not sure where the athletic gene came from--it is distinctly possible that she is a throwback, as they would say in the 19th century.

Went to the Huronia Museum's Film Series last night with my nerdish compatriots to see Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself. The first thing that I should say about this film is that it is a collaborative effort between Scotland and Denmark; and really, what could be better than that? The Teen Nerd Squad and I enjoyed ourselves enormously (possibly more than other people there) and we even got to see the part of Glasgow where I threw up on the street back in 2003. Ah, memories. A few minor hiccups aside, Wilbur is a subtly realized, but enormously powerful movie...perhaps a bit in the vein of the delicious Harold and Maude.

Guys, I really want a socktopus.


Anonymous said...

"Teen" Nerd Squad? I admit it sounds cooler (or as cool as a nerd squad can be) but technically... oh who cares, I'm frantically clinging to the embers of my youth, bring on the self-delusion!

Too bad about the weather today. M (I love how that sounds so James Bondesque) suggested to me she might propose something for tomorrow, given good weather, but in case that doesn't pan out I wanted to say how really good it was to see you and hang for a bit (scatter-brained as I was). However if M does pull a rabbit out of the hat do me a favour... wear the hat.

- R.

starlite said...

oooh the socktopus is very cute!!! i'm sure you could whip one of those up.. lol you guys seemed to be on a roll with the monkeys ;)